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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Saturday March 27, 2021 1) Prayers for Peace https://youtu.be/XgRY1wkbFJQ 2) Dakshinamurthy Stotram https://youtu.be/fPoP7Kk7vgU (Links Selection: M G Warrier) Dreams Mall Fire: Communication* I came to know of the tragic fire in the Dreams Mall only in the morning 5 30 a m today when I woke up and saw WhatsApp messages. I'm aware most of the residents of Dreams Complex would have come to know of the fire which was raging since the midnight of Thursday (March 25) through friends/Group WhatsApp etc My humble suggestion is, in such situations, we need to alert all residents through phone calls from Security Desk or some such system. I'm not aware whether NoBrokerHood has any such Alarm Device/System M G Warrier 2005/1D *Messages shared with select contacts at 7 a m on Friday. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 M G Warrier M 134 To see Bimbadhar Mishra's latest cartoons please visit the website at *https://bimbadharmishra.in* FLASH: Fire: Bhandup Mall (Opposite our Residential Complex) caught fire yesterday night. Report: https://m.timesofindia.com/city/mumbai/mumbai-fire-breaks-out-in-dream-malls-sunrise-hospital-in-bhandup/amp_articleshow/81698628.cms Prayers 🙏-Warrier Another report*: https://www.indiatvnews.com/video/aaj-ki-baat/aaj-ki-baat-how-fire-engulfed-a-covid-hospital-in-mumbai-claiming-lives-693763 * Link Courtesy: Dreams WhatsApp Group Statement issued by Sunrise Hospital* " Statement from Sunrise hospital, Bhandup- Excerpts: There was a fire in first floor of Dreams mall, Bhandup and the smoke reached upto the sunrise hospital located at the top floor. All fire alarms beeped and hence all patients were safely evacuated due to the smoke to the fire refuge area .There were 2 dead bodies ( due to covid ) which were also evacuated. There was no casualty due to fire. All patients were promptly shifted to jumbo covid centre ( and some to other private hospitals) We are grateful to mumbai fire brigade and to mumbai police for helping us save lives. This hospital was started in exceptional circumstances of covid last year and has helped in saving many patients from covid deaths .It is functioning with all due compliances like fire licence nursing home licence etc .The hospital staff did a fantastic job in safely evacuating patients on wheel chairs and beds to the refuge areas and by following the fire drills. ***. *** *Forward received in a WhatsApp Group. A Interaction 1) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Certain tasks are cut out ideally and desirably for certain persons who run a magazine. Editorship is one such exclusively handled matter. Hiring an editorial team would be like asking R K Laxman to appoint an editorial team for his brilliant cartoons! Or a Shankar for his weekly witticisms. Shri Panchapagesan has many intelligent and experienced wisdom to share. His description of loneliness is one such thing. Loneliness is the state of mind, I believe, at least in some situations. One may be in a crowd but yet feel "lonely." And at times, loneliness may be next to godliness or the gateway to experience the bliss, not any monotony or depression. When we realize (if at all) that all things around are the great One Reality, do we experience the brilliant blissful loneliness? In some situations, some persons say: "leave me alone!". It helps, not only those who say so, but also the others. Subbaraman 2) PKKNair Bengaluru Interaction I am overwhelmed by the kind words of my esteemed friend and well wisher Shri V Babusenan.(Collage, 26-03-21) Instances can be gathered in abundance to delineate the fact that Shri Babusenan is gifted with magnificent magical memory power! Only one such case is in point when he recollected what I told him 35 years ago when I was recouping after a very tragic car accident while on official duty! I had then told him about the efficacy of H2O! A few drops of water poured into my mouth gave me a second life on this planet! Normally such an innocuous remark by me has been found a place in his memory book, this attitude makes a pal like Babusenan. Glimpses of World History and Discovery of India are the two books I keep along with Ramayana, Mahabharatham and Githa on my bookshelf. As for Discovery of India, Nehru has the courage to say “I could not discover India as she is a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads......and she is a myth!” B Books Back in Action: Kitab Khana https://openthemagazine.com/columns/kitab-khana/ Excerpts: "Kitab Khana THE CLOSING DOWN of a bookstore is no longer news. But the opening of one certainly is, and in today’s bleak times, an item newsworthy enough to go into Ripley’s Believe It or Not! But Kitab Khana, the wonderful bookstore at Flora Fountain, did reopen a week ago, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the devastating fire that engulfed it last year. The year 2020 was truly the annus horribilis of our lives, so if the best bookstore in Mumbai caught fire before the year was out, it was just one more parting kick from 2020 while we were down. To state the obvious, a bookstore has books; a good bookstore has a lot of good books; a warm and welcoming bookstore is all polished wood panelling; and Kitab Khana was all these. Disastrously, however, fire feasts on both paper and wood, and when you fight the fire with water, you destroy what the fire has spared. When I rang Samir Somaiya, Kitab Khana’s owner that evening, he told me, “The fire had a total blast: every one of our books was either burnt, drenched or smoked.” Most of Kitab Khana’s 45,000 volumes were destroyed: the few that weren’t (the ones that were ‘smoked’, I suppose), are now on sale at half-price. I can’t wait to go back when the world gets back its sanity—although I know that, as usual, I will spend far too much time once I am there, lost in looking at one interesting book after another. I also know that each time I make a move to leave, T Jagath, Kitab Khana’s manager or one of the members of his staff, will point me to another shelf where lie some more tempting treasures." C Readers' Contribution 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Birbal Birbal declared in Emperor Akbar's court:"Sire, you are greater than Almighty God!" Everyone who heard it was aghast. The Emperor looked at him steadily in his eyes and said sternly: "Birbal, now you have crossed your limits. Prove your statement. If you can't, I will treat it as blasphemy and banish you from my empire." "Exactly Sire, that is the point," said Birbal. "The entire universe belongs to God Almighty and He cannot banish one even if He wants. What He cannot do, you can, and that is what you propose to do with poor Birbal, for telling the truth" Akbar laughed aloud and others followed suit. More or less in the same manner one may say that man is in a better position than his Creator in the matter concerned with knowledge. In every religion, God is omniscient, all-knowing. If one knows everything, one is deprived of the immense pleasure of knowing one thing after another. This pleasure is man's privilege and he derives it largely through books, the printed variety. That is why many things are said about books like 'Books are cold but sure friends' (Francis Bacon) 'Lend not your wife and books for they will never return' (don't know the source). One great writer, I think, A G Gardiner, had claimed that he had his library built up with borrowed books! It is actually not the book that we are concerned, it is the printer's ink. Those who make salads know that, when you add a few drops of squeezed lemon on the finely sliced stuff, the latter undergoes a magic change in flavour. The printer's ink does exactly the same thing. A scholar friend of mine, first opens a freshly bought book, keeps it close to his nostrils for a few seconds, exclaims" aahaa' and then proceeds to turn the pages. I too had this supreme experience when the printed copies of my first book arrived from the press. I took one and smelled it. The printer's ink together with the awareness that the odour comes from my own book gave me a peculiar feeling that ever remains with me. As in many cases, some people overdo this peculiar feeling. They claim that just by smelling they assess the very quality of the book. A tall claim indeed!. This superhuman ability is not confined to books. For some years I was in the team of RBI inspectors. We had, among us, a senior man who claimed that, when the car stopped in front of a commercial bank, he could smell the percentage of its bad loans! 2) Spirituality/Faith Tat Twam Asi: V T Panchapagesan We know God is within us. But we don’t see Him because the one place we will never look is Inside ourself..we will search everywhere , but never within ourself.. Paradoxically, we lose sight of God because He is in us... God has given us Buddhi!, Intelligence which is a precious gift.. Let us apply our mind that even a dog has Gratitude towards its Master... A dog does not count its misfortune or grieve over them.... A dog does not live in the past . It lives instinctively , from moment to moment.. A dog’s life is one unbroken straight line marked by Love, Devotion & Gratitude.. To the one who sustains it. Devotion is its defining property.. Can we like the dog, be always grateful to our CREATOR & Sustainer? Can we give up being miserable about our past misfortunes and mistakes? These are disciplines we impose ourselves.. When we reach this stage, We will have achieved a mental state that looks ease at Happiness & Sorrow.., At Misery and Luxury, In short we will have seen God in ourselves. This is the essence of Sama Ved which Lord krishna preached Arjuna In the battle field... You Are That. That is, we are the object of our search.. Let us reverse GOD which is DOG. DO OPTIMISTICALLY WITH GRACE IN OUR ACTION.... V. T. Panchapagesan 3) Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady A true story .... 🩺🇬🇷🇮🇱 Over 80 years ago, in Greece sixty thousand Jews lived peacefully in Thessaloniki. It was a valued and vibrant community. Most of these Jews worked in the port. To the point that port of Thessaloniki was even closed on Saturday or Shabbat, the Jewish day when religion forbids working. Great emeritus rabbis also lived and studied there. Everyone hung out and liked each other. But on September 2, 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, this peaceful community would one day feel the terror of the Nazis. On April 6, 1941 Hitler invaded Greece in order to secure his southern front before launching the famous Operation Barbarossa and his great offensive against Russia. Of the 60,000 Jews in Thessaloniki, around 50,000 were exterminated at the Birkenau concentration camp. The massacre of the Jews of Greece was brief but intense. Very few escaped. Among the survivors there was a family known as Bourla. And after the war, in 1961, a son was born into this miraculous family in the camps. His parents called him Israel - Abraham. He grew up and studied veterinary medicine in Greece. A brilliant student, Abraham got his doctorate in reproductive biotechnology at the veterinary school of Aristotle University in Salonika. At the age of 34, he decided to move to the United States. He changed his first name Abraham to Albert and met a Jewish woman named Miriam who then became his wife. Together they had two children. In the United States, Albert was integrated into the medical industry. He progressed very quickly and joined a pharmaceutical company where he became "Head manager". From there, the road was short for little Abraham (Albert) to rise through the ranks to become Chief Operation Officer before obtaining his appointment as CEO of the company in 2019. Throughout 2020 Albert decided to direct all the efforts of the company to try to find a vaccine against a new virus which had just struck the world. He expended great financial and technological efforts to achieve his goal. A year later his work paid off and the WHO (World Health Organization) and US government authorized his company to produce the long-awaited vaccine ... Today this vaccine will be distributed in several countries including Germany, which counted thousands of deaths due to the pandemic. Ironically, this vaccine which will save the lives of millions of people around the world including many Germans was led by a little Jew from Thessaloniki, son of Holocaust survivors, most of his people were exterminated by Nazi Germany. And that is why Israel became the first country to receive the vaccine. In memory of his grandparents and his parents who gave birth to Israel-Abraham Bourla known today as Albert Bourla: CEO of Pfizer! D Obituary K C Chakraborty https://www.moneylife.in/article/dr-kc-chakrabarty-ex-deputy-governor-of-rbi-is-no-more/63336.html E Blogs & Links 1) Your Life https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/feelings-in-you/your-life-30552/ Excerpts: "Sometimes, we are the happiest creature in this realm, we forgot about the world and we become free butterflies! And we are happy because everything is going good in your life as you want! Exactly? If you accept your happiness so wisely and enjoying it then why you afraid of accepting disappointments, failures, just because whatever you planned, that’s not happening! Ever you think about positivity, look at it, believe it. Positivity is stronger than negativity and can change your whole life man!! Accept both and just learn how to be stable in every circumstance. Never search for peace outside or anywhere, peace is within! Happiness is within! That every particular thing which is looking for is within!" 2) Summer in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo How ‘residents’ at Thiruvananthapuram zoo are beating the heat: https://thg.page.link/WdSVZPbgrhMFG8ys5 Excerpts: " With the mercury levels rising, specific care is given to the residents on the 36-acre Thiruvananthapuram zoo. The daily menu has been tweaked for most of the animals. “We include fruits and vegetables that are juicy and fleshy, especially watermelons and salad cucumbers, so that residents are not dehydrated. Both animals and birds relish those,” says TV Anilkumar, Superintendent of the zoo." 3) Dakshinamurthy https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/guru-dakshinamurthy Excerpts: Concept Dakshinamurthy is an aspect of Shiva as a guru (teacher) of all types of knowledge and bestower of jnana. This aspect of Shiva is his personification as the supreme or the ultimate awareness, understanding and knowledge This form represents Shiva in his aspect as a teacher of yoga, music, and wisdom, and giving exposition on the shastras.Shiva is generally shown with four arms. He is depicted seated under a banyan tree, facing the south. Shiva is seated upon a deer-throne and surrounded by sages who are receiving his instructionHe is worshipped as the god of wisdom, complete and rewarding meditation.Dakshinamurti literally means 'one who is facing south (dakṣiṇa)' in Sanskrit. South is the direction of Death, hence change.In every Siva temple the stone image of Dakshinamurthy is installed, facing south, on the southern circumambulatory path around the sanctum sanctorum. Perhaps, of all Hindu Gods, he is the only one sitting facing south. F Leisure 1) Médical* A non medical student attended a Medical exam by mistake. See his answers... The last one is ultimate!! 1. Antibody - One who hates his body . 2. Artery - Study of Fine Paintings or military, not sure. 3. Bacteria - Back door of a Cafeteria . 4. Coma - Punctuation Mark . 5. Gall Bladder - Bladder of a Girl . 6. Genes - Blue Denim. 7. Labour Pain - Hurt at Work . 8. Liposuction - A French Kiss . 9. Ultrasound - Radical Sound that is above human hearing capacity, such as wife's talk. 10. Cardiology - Advanced Study of Playing Cards ..... 11. dyspepsia : difficulty in drinking pepsi. 12.Chicken Pox- A Non-Veg. continental dish. 13.CT Scan: Test for identifying person's city 14.Radiology- the study of how Radio works 15.Parotitis : information about the parrots. ULTIMATE-------!!!!!! 16. Urology: the study of european people! *Forward received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady 2) Cricket* Sunil Gavaskar recently went on the Australia tour where he was invited for the screening of an Australian movie named "Gavaskar" He was overjoyed, humbly accepted the invitation and went for the screening. After sitting through the full movie, he realized it was nowhere related to Sunil Gavaskar or even to the game of Cricket! Out of fury, he questioned the director "Are you out of your mind? Why did you name this movie Gavaskar, and made no mention of me or Cricket in the whole movie?" The director replied : "So Mr. Gavaskar, now you know, how we Australians felt when you Indians made a movie named BORDER and there was no mention of Alan Border and cricket in it???" Gavaskar fainted! in the Hall *Forward received from S Venugopal Chennai G Quotes about firefighting https://www.wisesayings.com/firefighting-quotes/ Like: "Firefighters* in every town are special because they are willing to give their time and energy to help their neighbors, no matter who these neighbors might be. -Brian Rogers ( Brian John Rogers is a psychologist and retired academic. He was Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford between 1996 and 2012)


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