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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Thursday March 4, 2021 ( Kathopanishad) https://youtu.be/PPeOhFsII7Y (Link Selection: M G Warrier) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 A Open House 1) V T Panchapagesan Chennai Five arrows* are symbolic to Five senses which are under control And Bhisma was only a performer in action in the war without five senses. He was performing an action in the war for ten days without his five senses.. And fought as a great warrior. When the five senses are taken away by Arjun as instructed by Krishna, Bhisma became powerless. This is the message..how Pandavas succeeded getting the five arrows from Duryodhan.... Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan *See "Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman at C 2) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Should we thank God for favours received? ( Babusenan's query). If one goes by the theory of Karma, one should not thank God, for what one reaps is the reult of one's own karma. In the same breath, let me add "please do not pray to God for health and wealth and happiness and leave Him alone: what you will receive will be result of your own karma. God cannot alter your karmas with retrospective effect! Let God live in peace!! Subbaraman 3) S K Gupta Panchkula Today's (March 3) Leisure segment of Collage carries a mind blowing forward by Shri Jayakumar Ji. Perhaps it seems to convey: 'Never play with fire'. Addedly, Jayakumar Ji 'Revisiting' the fond memories of his childhood was enjoyable. Anyways, one always cherishes peeping into his/her loving and charming tender age. Simply put, 'Koi lauta de mere beete hue Din' 4) Ramesh Mendiratta C-Vaccination update* I got Covaxine administered in the nearest Private Hospital on 02-3-2021. I have no complications as a result of vaccination; on the other hand I am feeling more energetic. I recommend all the eligible friends to get vaccinated at the earliest convenient time. May God bless you all. RAMESH MENDIRATTA *Received in group mail. B Readèrs Write 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram AGNOSIA I am going to relate something that happened when I was attached to the Bangalore office of RBI and my friend Sekhar Prasad was on the staff of NIMHANS.. "What is this?" One may ask. " Your last story saw Dr Sekhar leaving NIMHANS and now you say that he is with that august institution". "Please don't get offended, dear reader. Chronological narration can be expected only from an orderly mind." A.R.Thampi, Arumana Reghuvaran Thampi, in full , was working in another department adjacent to mine. He had royal blood in him-as is obvious from his name- but absolutely with no outside signs. Small, self effacing and always smiling ,Thampi was liked by all those who came in contact with him.He had an astounding memory and was a mobile encyclopedia of every song that emanated from Bollywood and the final word if any dispute arose in that matter. Bangalore office of RBI did not function on a single day without Thampi. In other words, Thampi seldom took any kind of leave. His apparently frail frame carried a healthy body and he had no interest other than listening to Hindi film songs. The couple, Thampi and Prabhavathi Thampi were issueless. It was only natural that his friends were somewhat alarmed when Thampi did not attend office consecutively for four days. Therefore, on a Sunday, I went to his flat in Sivaji Nagar. Mrs. Thampi opened the door.I could guess from her sad face that something untoward had happened.She said:"Your friend is in trouble,in deep trouble.He cannot recognize familiar objects.Looking at a vegetable he acknowledges it as a vegetable,but he cannot say whether it is a brinjal or a carrot.He can describe a thing correctly but cannot name it.He has not much difficulty in driving his scooter in the busy streets as he can still judge the speed of a car although he cannot say whether it is an Ambassador or a Fiat.But I won't allow him to touch his scooter.In this condition,how can he attend office?I don't know what to do."She wiped her eyes with the edge of her saree. "Where is he now?"asked I. "He is sleeping." She replied.After breakfast ,he said he felt tired and wanted to sleep for a while." "Then,don't disturb him."I said."Both of you get ready tomorrow morning for a visit to NIMHANS.There, I have a friend who will take care of his problem.Don't worry.He will be all right." At NIMHANS, Dr Sekhar examined my friend thoroughly. "Did he have a stroke or a fall recently?" He asked Mrs Thampi. "No stroke, Doctor. But he fell from the scooter recently and it was only a minor accident." She replied. "Madam, what was your subject of study?" The doctor asked. She smiled at this apparently irrelevant question but said: "I am a post-graduate in zoology." "That makes matters quite easy." Said Dr Sekhar. A 'gyrus' you know is a convolution of the brain and vision is not a simple phenomenon as many people think. The image of a chair, that falls on the retina of the eye, is subjected to processing at different centres for different aspects. There are said to be thirty such centres in the brain. After the processing the data go to the fusiform gyrus located near the bottom inner part of the temporal lobe, which imparts the name and emotional content to the data. 'Where is the emotional content in a chair?' One may ask. The chair can be one where your father sat when he was alive. Leave it. If the connection to this fusiform gyrus is snapped by a stroke or an accident, the viewer will know every part of the object he saw but cannot say it is a chair. What happened to your husband is exactly this. We doctors, call this disorder 'agnosia'. Let him take the medicines I prescribe for three months and, with sufficient rest, he will be okay." Things happened as the doctor said. At the end of the third month, thanks to the affectionate care of his wife, Thampi started attending office. One day, when I telephoned him, the call was attended by his spouse. She said: "Your friend has gone to attend the anniversary of a music club as chief guest where he will speak on Mukesh." 2) S Nallasivan Hyderabad Join the fight The Wall Concept would suit admirably to see the poor in the immediate vicinity too are saved from the worst ever contagion by making contribution directly to the "Hospital Wall" Individual Hospitals would be in a position to run a Free Vaccine Clinic drawing Vaccines from the Stock that stand credited to the Wall. When the first case of Covid 19 hit the West Coast of India on 31st January who could have imagined that the County shut itself down completely in another two months, with a mass reverse exodus of men, women, children on foot with empty stomach. Then Charitable and Religious Institution saw to it that nobody went to sleep on empty stomach through their mass kitchen and Langar. You and me had then too our hands in the feeding initiative by our humble contributions. After all it is trickle that turns into flood. The worst ever contagion claimed human life in millions and the sick became pariah and literal untouchable. Even eminent Virologists / Scientists could foresee a cure/ preventive Vaccine after long agony of waiting for two years. The last successful Vaccine for Mumps took four long years to arrive. But it was nothing but a miracle that Vaccines through indigenous Research not one but two hit the scene though not on the day the Country Celebrated the Independence Day, but certainly before the President unfurled the Tricolour on 26th, on 16th January. Now it is hardly a month and half and we are into the Mass drive of Vaccination and closer to home two of our friend have reported hassle free vaccination. One would have expected huge crowd vying/ fighting with one another creating a stampede despite the need for proper registration. We owed it to our Scientists and the Research Organisations who committed to the Government trouble free mass supply and that too with a noble drive of no profit basis. Though the Government had pronounced free vaccination for about 30 crores people in just three months, It is rather a wise move to rein in Private Health Care Organisations to address the urgent issue making it affordable and cheap at just Rs.250. Now one can with pride that we have seen the back of Covid 19 and it is only a question of another couple of months before it is vanquished. Though the Government has committed the entire Vaccine Drive free of cost, should we as a responsible Nation allow the insurmountable burden weighed on the Government. When the drive against hunger was at its peak every affordable man and woman shared the sacred duty of serving and sharing the burden of the meal. One must have read about the noble concept of "the Wall" in European Restaurants where the poor hungry are fed by the Society with dignity. Those who are patrons in those restaurants besides paying for their meal contribute a meal or two in addition to the Wall. A Wall represented the store house of meal for any hungry stomach and all they declare is Meal against the Wall, to be served a free meal. Now back to Vaccination Drive. We find our Representative Organisations have been trying to garner the sympathy of the Management by demanding free Vaccination Camps at the Banks' Dispensaries. We are, by God's grace are well taken care of, provided for adequately and certainly not in a position to demand charity. The adage goes, that Charity begins at Home. Our friend Bala has already posted a comprehensive list of Private Hospitals that run the Service of Vaccination against Payment. We can afford to pay not only for self and family but make the Vaccination drive more meaningful and effective by easily sharing the burden of meeting the cost of Vaccines of half a dozen as the starting initiative. The Wall Concept would suit admirably to see the poor in the immediate vicinity too are saved from the worst ever contagion by making contribution directly to the "Hospital Wall" Individual Hospitals would be in a position to run a Free Vaccine Clinic drawing Vaccines from the Stock that stand credited to the Wall. Contributing for the cause of Vaccine too is as noble as satiating a hungry stomach. After all we shall be doing service in vanquishing the Covid 19 and in a small way join the Brigade of Frontline Warriors. One will have really a heartfelt contentment. S.Nallasivan C Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman Five Arrows diffused Duryodhana was convinced that Bhishma (the commander of the Kaurav armies) was not fighting with his full abilities because of his bias for Pandavas. So, one night, he insulted Bhishma, accusing him of failing to serve his state. Enraged by this accusation, Bhishma enchanted five arrows and told Duryodhan that he would kill the Pandavas with the arrows on the very next day of the war. The foolish Duryodhana, not trusting Bhishma, took the five arrows in his custody. Krishna very well knew that the Pandavas were alive only because Bhishma never wanted to kill them. So, when Krishna came to know about the arrows (there were several spies of Pandavas in the Kaurav camp), he knew the Pandavas wouldn't survive the next day of the war. Knowledgeable he was, he reminded Arjuna of the boon and told him to ask the five arrows from Duryodhana. Arjun visited Duryodhana's camp (the nights in the war were spent in a ceasefire until the treacherous murder of Abhimanyu happened) and asked him for the five arrows as the boon. The shocked Duryodhana had to comply. Duryodhana went back to Bhishma and asked for another five arrows after describing what had happened. An amused Bhishma told him that he had used all his lifelong merit in those five arrows, and hence, cannot enchant another batch. Thus, Duryodhana lost his best chance of ending the war. However wicked Duryothana was, he was very keen on keeping his promise to Arjuna. Duryothana would have denied or insisted Arjuna in asking for some other boon.But he stood by his promise which ultimately resulted in his defeat. Can we interpret that Krishna made him fulfill his words under the wrong presumption that he would be able to get another powerful set of arrows from Pitamaha. Vathsala Jayaraman D Books Psychological Thrillers* https://crimereads.com/7-books-that-put-the-psychology-in-psychological-thrillers/ Link selected by M G Warrier E Current Affairs Farmers Protest in Germany* There is farmers protest in Germany against govt moveg to legislate on Insect protection plan. How many of us in the country are aware of it? There has been no twit from Greta Thunberg, Mia Khalifa, Rihanna to show support to German farmers. There has been no article in Washington Post, New York Times or British press. No discussion on BBC. No British or Canadian MP or US senator has shown concern. No money poured in to help farmers from any quaters. Why there is so much difference in support to two sets of farmers in two countries? Did any one pay any attention to causes of difference. How come Indian farmers protest has become world cause of concern but German farmers protest remain a local event? Let me give my penny worth of opinion. Whites think that Germany is sovereign country and knows governance and needs no advice, suggestions, recommendations and support to resolve its issues. Whites are capable and responsible people. But when protest happens in india than there is something amiss and it becomes the white men's burden to set things right in the perspective of good governance. India lacks nuances of good governance, Germany doesn't. Turkey, the sickman of Europe which is just 24% of India' size or Britain which is the size of Rajasthan or Canada which has population equal to Kerala have the gall to interfere in our internal affairs but won't speak a word about German farmers protest. Now do you see the way white western world treats India, notwithstanding the geographical, population, mil or eco size of this country which is biggest democracy, sec most populous, fifth largest eco and sixth largest in size in commity of 200 nation states. All this happens because we let it happen. Not one opposition leader, activist, intellectual have spoken a single word to tell these countries to shut up and let us deal with our affairs. On the contrary, they all have gone out of the way to garner their support. Twitts from famous and infamous celebrities are discussed in main stream media and protestors go gaga on that. Countries don't become great by such activities of segments of population or by depending on moral and financial support from foreign shores. But then this is what happens when majority of our population has been held hostage to its attitude of 'keeping quiet' and indifferent on issues of national importance and when few thousand people hold this country to ransom by blocking roads and rails and create mayhem in national capital on the day of national importance and two bit former police constables who forfeited security deposit in two elections become national farmer leader. How come German farmers did not create any disturbance of any kind. No hoisting of flag, no violence, no swaying swords. No free elect or wifi given to protestors by any state govt. What kind of farmers Germans are? God save our country if such attitude continues. S. Thyagarajan *Forward received from Balasubramanian Coimbatore (Yes. Thyagarajan is making a valid point. Our 'Think Tank" won't move outside their comfort level. Recently, Chetan Bhagat raised some serious issues about India's Civil Services. I posted some online comments. No indication anyone has read my comments. People need only endorsements. Thanks to the evolving imbalance in equations post-COVID, I perceive some changes in approach of India's Policy makers. Let's wait and watch-Warrier 🙏) F Leisure Poem by Tagore* Go not to the temple By Rabindranath Tagore Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God, First fill your own house with the Fragrance of love and kindness. Go not to the temple to light candles before the altar of God, First remove the darkness of sin, pride and ego, from your heart... Go not to the temple to bow down your head in prayer, First learn to bow in humility before your fellowmen. And apologise to those you have wronged. Go not to the temple to pray on bended knees, First bend down to lift someone who is down-trodden. And strengthen the young ones. Not crush them. Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness for your sins, First forgive from your heart those who have hurt you! *Forward received from Balasubramanian Coimbatore G Quotes about First Aid https://australiantraininginstitute.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/top-6-first-aid-quotes-collection/


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