Warrier's Collage : March 11, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Thursday March 11, 2021 Good Morning It's not easy to wipe out tears with philosophy and spirituality. But sharing reduces burden. Read on to find out why I am saying this today. πŸ™ Nice Day M G Warrier M A Interaction 1) Jyotilakshmi Anil Kumar remembers Sreerekha Muraleedharan Madapally College A tall, thin frame, young, vibrant, full of life, happy going, beautiful girl studied here. She did her Bsc (phy) and MSc (phy) respectively from this college. Brilliant girl; two of her papers were published in US science journal, a prestigious forum for scientific presentations, while she did her 4 months MSc project at a very prestigious institution at Bangalore, aimed at research and development in the field of physics. She was exceptionally dedicated to learning, researching and teaching physics. She was highly determined and committed to study and work in our own country only, as getting admission in a good university in US was possible bcz of the papers she published. As a teenager, she was part of the junior research team which won the top junior scientists award for the work on identifying new species of butterflies!! A charming girl, good at extra curricular activities too. Music, violin, sketching, speaking !!! She must have been known in her college for these skills for sure during her 5 year stint there. Bright student, she was very helpful, kind and friendly. Quite amiable and humble. She was very good at car driving. As soon as she got her license, she picked the skill so quick and so well that she would drive from her hometown Perambra to Manjeri, Kannur, tellichery.. quite diligently! Immediately after her MSc, she cleared GATE exam with high score and got admission to study PhD in physics at IIT Madras and IIT BOMBAY simultaneously. She did very well in her interview at both places. She chose IIT BOMBAY over Madras for better reasons. A humble girl, from Govt Madapalli college, made it to IIT !!! Achievement for sure !! She desired to do at least 3 to 4 post doctorals. Subsequently, she joined IIT Bombay in December 2016. She cleared all her basic medical tests for the admission and moved to the hostel to pursue her dream. A smart girl, who managed to buy all the requisites for her stay at this dream college campus on her own without depending on anyone (she went to Bombay alone), new city and unfamiliar language but with immense confidence. Strong headed. March 15, 2017, 1.00 am...she left this world !!! Huge shock, right !! Just 3 months into her dream college !! All of a sudden due to leukaemia!! Leaving all of us in the family, broken !! She was my first cousin, my Ammavan's daughter (my mom's elder brother). Words cease to form, to define the amount of shock and disbelief!! There was no sign of the disease, no manifestation at all. She was seemingly energetic and healthy till she almost breathed her last. Wee hours of March 15, 2017. She had visited and stayed at my house for the IIT Madras interview, in an active, energetic and kicking state of mind and body, absolutely healthy, in November 2016 !! Just 3 days before her unpredictable and extremely unfortunate demise, she had taken a week's off from the campus citing a mild stomach problem, food poisoning, and came home at kokat, Perambra.. A day prior, she was rushed to KMC, as she started feeling really bad. Tests were done under the supervision of well acclaimed Doctor, Dr. Narayanan kutty, oncologist, referred by a GP, and then, consequently, this shocking revelation happened!! She was speaking and conveying clearly what she felt till the end. Perhaps giving false hope to her dear ones that this was a temporary problem and she will be back home soon. But then as destiny would have it, she just slipped away into the eternal sleep and peace. A bright star (I consider her so) we lost on this planet to another world, where she must be shining for sure !! Miss this wonderful star everyday. She was a wonderful human being who left us so early! 24 years of age! When I somehow mustered courage to talk to my Maman, the only fact that he mentioned in one line, containing and controlling the sorrow beyond words, was that "she lived happily throughout her life"!! A happy face and soul. Madapalli college honoured this bright student posthumously by naming a section in its Library as her memorial. Sreerekha Muralidharan. Pride of Madapalli College πŸ™. She was proud of her college too! Hence, the mention of the college brings a sense of pride in us. May many more stars from the college be able to achieve what Sreerekha left behind!! Whichever field be it, with the motto of serving the country. That was Sreerekha's motto. Love, respect and serve our country ❤️πŸ™. May the legacy continue to inspire, motivate and empower. Paying my respect to my cousin and paying respect to the College thru this page πŸ™. 2) R Jayakumar Mumbai History made... The Collage has reported today the births of two new historians. L The first is Akhil who has passed MA (History) coming in second rank from the Calicut University. Congratulations and good wishes for his future career, whatever he might choose in life. The other historian is already an expert in jurisprudence and now has given an excellent lesson on the great dictator Hitler of Nazi Germany. This new historian is also a good biography writer. No wonder the biography of Hitler written by him for the Collage gives a complete picture of the dictator from childhood to death. My long and pending desire to know about Hitler in a simple and short write up was fulfilled today. My hearty congratulations and greetings to the Lawyer turned Biographer turned Historian. The other article I enjoyed reading was the blog article titled My Destiny by Mukulika Ghosh. It is a beautifully and poetically narrated experience of an innocent stream running through the wild jungle and hills and then rolling into a modern townscape before mingling with a river. How true it is when I compare her descriptions of the journey of the stream to the fate of the rivers in Mumbai like the Dahisar, Poisar, Oshiwara and Mithi rivers turned into sewage before joining the Arabian sea. R Jayakumar 3) V N Kelkar Readers' Contribution 1 Chhatrapati Shivaji listening kirtan of Tukaram On 9th March (Magh Navami) every year we observe Sant Shri Ramdas Navami and remember his teachings contained in his significant works like 'DASBODH', 'Manache Shloka' and others. Ramdas Swami breathed his last on this day in 1681 at Sajjangad, near Satara in Maharashtra. For five days prior, he had ceased consuming food and water. This practice of fasting unto death is known as 'PRAYOPAVESHAN'. He continuously recited his 'tarak' mantra - 'Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram' by the side of idol of Rama brought from Tanjavur. Shri Ramdas Swami was born into a Deshastha Rigvedi Brahman family to Suryajipant and Ranubai Thosar at Jamb in Maharashtra. His name was Narayan. He lost his father when he was 7 years old. His elder brother's name was Gangadhar. According to legend, Narayana (12) fled from his wedding ceremony upon hearing a Pandit chanting 'SAVADHAAN' (beware) during customary ritual of 'mangalashtaka'. It is worthwhile remembering his wife. The bride was left behind as the groom fled away. People felt pity for her. Many did not like the way Narayan behaved. Some passed adverse comments. It is as per Indian culture to peep into other's house to find out what is happening there. History also ignored this lady. Her father made an appeal to her , ' My child, let's go back home '. But she replied, 'You have done 'KANYADAAN', therefore I cannot come with you'. Gangadhar, the elder brother of Narayan requested her to stay back home and he will take her care as his daughter. She replied, 'PANIGRAHAN' (husband and wife holding each other's hand) has not been done and hence she cannot stay back. She walked far away into the woods. She noticed a temple in the forest and decided to stay there. She cleaned up the area . In due course she started training youth coming over there to fight with swords etc. and sent them to join Shivaji's forces. The Senapati informed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj about what was happening. Shivaji Maharaj was worried. He instructed Senapati to discreetly find out if the enemy was doing it. The message came that the lady from the temple was behind this action. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was surprised. He made up his mind to meet the lady. He changed his attire and went to the temple as a common man. He was given a warm welcome with jaggery and water. He sat down on the mat spread on the floor. He made some remarks about the state of affairs in the Raja's regime and asked her why she was doing this work of helping such a king. She didn't digest his adverse remarks and took out her sword. Shivaji left the place and returned the next day as Chhatrapati, placed his throne on her feet and told her he was running the kingdom as peoples' representative. He thanked her for her good work. She never met Samartha again. Once when she came to know that Ramdas Swami has come on the banks of river Krishna, she reached there to have a glimpse. She walked parallel to him for about five minutes on the other bank as Samartha Ramdas Swami was walking on the river front. The kind of commitment seen here is rare. VNKelkar B Mahashivaratri a) Shivathandava Stotram* https://youtu.be/hMBKmQEPNzI (Link Selection: M G Warrier) *Mythology: https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/miraculous-benefits-of-shiva-tandava-stotram/3-for-prosperity b) Shivaratri in Kerala 1) Scenes from Aluva Manappuram https://youtu.be/pElRsAcgoyY 2) Taliparamba Shiva Temple https://youtu.be/lPgCmrCNBVA https://youtu.be/Oy05Woq0AU0 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajarajeshwara_Temple c) Mahashivaratri: Legends https://www.timesnownews.com/spiritual/religion/article/legends-associated-with-maha-shivratri/554271


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