Warrier's Collage 17032021

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Wednesday March 17, 2021 a) Origin & History of Sanskrit https://youtu.be/fqEA12oolxI b) Sadhana Panchakam* https://youtu.be/NtTO7nI_vFc (Link Selection: M G Warrier) *Also see Manisha Panchakam at E Good Morning For cartoons by Bimbadhar Misra, please log on to https://bimbadharmishra.in/ Some of you, who do not know me personally, may be wondering what's happening to Collage. Collage is evolving based on the daily responses. Let's hope the pattern will stabilize, gradually. Nice Day 🙏 M G Warrier Adieu* Bidding adieu is not so easy To someone I grew up with Not for a year or two But for four long decades almost… Taking out that sacred thread Is not so easy It is more than a part and parcel of my being Not just a mere piece of identity Not so easy To forget entering into that big metal gate As the mind, body and soul Were so tuned over the years To reach at nine in the morning by default ! To be away from the second home Will be so difficult Rest of the life will miss deeply The security, comfort and respect I earned The flash of pride and overwhelming joy To join the premier institution is still glowing high Not so easy to move ahead Now that time has come to say good bye Whatever and wherever I am today It is all because of YOU While counting my choicest blessings I count YOU million times And count myself among the fortunate few, Superannuation will take me out of RBI But taking out RBI from my inner being Will not be so easy! (*Poem by Sanjukta Dash, RBI, Bhubaneswar published in the current issue of Without Reserve shared by J Santhanakrishnan. Thanks to JS from Collage 🙏) A Interaction 1) V R Chittanandam Cheñnai "Praise the Lord'* was very hilarious. I am yet to stop laughing. Poor guy!" Chittanandam (* https://www.rd.com/jokes/religion/) 2) Vivek Amin Nagpur "There is one fine example of positive thinking by P L Deshpande, a great Marathi writer who made everyone happy with his Pen. Recently we celebrated his birth centenary. Here it goes. The writer use to say " When I get up in the morning I get pain in my back, neck etc. I immediately thank God 'Thank you God, you gave me one more day to live' " In the year 2000 when the famous writer passed away, Narsimha Rao attended his funeral at Pune. The ex-PM was asked by a Reporter "How you feel on your friend leaving you forever? Rao replied "Today P L made me cry" (* Purushottam Laxman Deshpande (alternatively written as Pu La Deshpande, 8 November 1919 – 12 June 2000, popularly known by his initials ("Pu. La.") or as P L Deshpande, was a Marathi writer and humorist from Maharashtra, India. He was also an accomplished film and stage actor, script writer, author, composer, musician (he played the harmonium), singer and orator. He was often referred to as "Maharashtra's beloved personality".)


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