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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE Thursday June 17, 2021 Welcome Music https://youtu.be/LiPBa5cBXmE Good Morning My sister's great grandson Anmay Krishnan is celebrating his 28th Day in Thiruvananthapuram today. All our Blessings, Best Wishes and Prayers 🙏 on the occasion. Nice Day M G Warrier C-A-R-E Model (See C below ) "Connect to each person you interact with, Accept your fellow humans as they are, regardless of the differences, Respect should always be exchanged because of our interconnectedness, it cannot be given selectively, Engage with your neighbourhood and your communities." -Hugh Mackay A Response 1) V R Chittanandam Cheñnai Namasthe! I do not know the meaning of the word 'Kaumudi' (Kerala Kaumudi). It does not mean that I know the meanings of other words. This word was rather fascinating to me. I enquired with so many of my Keralite friends some of whom are voracious readers of Malayalam books. No one is able to give the meaning of this word 'Kaumudi'. Regards, Chittanandam (Interim reply : കൗമുദി നിലാവ്, ദീപക്കാഴ്ച moonlight, illumination 🙏-Warrier) 2) S Nallasivan Hyderabad It is rare and unusual, a Poet excelled in Painting too. The fury of the monsoon well captured in Black and White! Best wishes to Reshmy Warrier. S Nallasivan B Self-Development : Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Do that little extra! Somebody sent me a quote : "A winner is one who does that little extra'. What is that little that 'little extra' ? Could it be humility after the first win? We are taught to be humble and let our actions do the talking. What we have been able to accomplish, and how we influence the people around us will always speak louder than words. But, can you be too humble? The first result :ppeople will underestimate you. Most probably your peers and bosses may not even know about what great things you have done, or what promising projects you're working on. They may assume that you are just not doing anything significant. Of course not everyone makes false assumptions, but many people judge your abilities based on what you have shown or told others. What is the remedy? Do that little Extra. Showcase yourself. On many occasions a person is not chosen, not because he lacks skill sets, but because no one other than himself knows that he is capable. Though he is confident enough that he would be able to fulfill the duties at hand, no one else did know about it. A little bit of advertising is a must so that you are not overlooked. People will not be able to acknowledge your skill set if you're being too humble. Then your talents will go unnoticed. If your talents go unnoticed, then the only other direction an outsider's perspective will conclude to is that you have limitations. Speak up for yourself. Don't be too modest of your skills and do not belittle what you're capable of. While you have chances of being a leader, why do you end up being a mere follower. That is why so much of importance is given to preparing 'Resume' these days with some exaggerations. Constantly being soft-spoken, letting others dictate decisions with their input, or not fully utilizing your abilities to provide value, can all lead to you taking a backseat. Don't let humility chain you down to mediocrity. No one likes a show-off or arrogance. What is needed is the balance between being humble and being too humble. Finding that fine line between modesty and being overly presumptuous is a phenomenon that varies for all of us. There is nothing wrong or lack of modesty in reminding people what you're good at, what you've accomplished, and ultimately, what sets you apart from everyone else. We have been advised to be very humble and modest and 'Vidya vinaya sampanna' is the famous saying. We learn from mythologies that Arjuna, Bheema, Ravana and Hanuman were subdued when they became arrogant. But at the same time a sense of identification seems to be a must these days. Even financial institutions insist on 'KYC' ( know your customer'). Lord Krishna Himself speaks of his own mahima or vibhuthi in Chapter 10 of Bhagavad-Gita (slokas 20 to 39). He identifies himself as the beginning, middle, end of everything, as Sun, Moon, Air, Water, Agni, Sama Veda, Sankara and so may other things. While Lord Krishna himself felt the need to identify himself to convince Arjuna, we are ordinary mortals. Nothing seems to be wrong to do that 'little extra' to win and be confident. In case of quality management, we talk about product quality, process quality and service quality. But making the product is only 50% of the effort and selling is the other 50%. This is applicable to even human capabilities. There is a famous saying in the US, "It is the sizzle that sells and not the steak" probably the Indian equivalent of "Crying baby gets the milk". They are two different skill sets and most of the time we see someone is very strong in their skills but don't showcase but there are others who is very strong in projecting themselves but don't have much substance. Those who build both capabilities are rare but they are very successful. Vathsala Jayaraman C Book Review : The Kindness Revolution : Hugh Mackay https://erasmus.vic.edu.au/the-kindness-revolution-book-launch- "While Mackay has a grand call to action, his message is based on the practical expressions of kindness; how we relate to one another, to those we know and importantly, to those we do not know. Mackay reminds us that our capacity for kindness to strangers is at the very heart of our humanity. A year filled with Bushfires and the pandemic is Mackay’s muse, he weaves through many examples of kindness; the rejuvenation of the neighbourhoods, people reaching out despite distances and the many individual sacrifices made for the greater good. The sudden increased expressions of kindness don’t have to be fleeting, Mackay proposes that instead of being the “lucky” country, we strive to become the loving country. To harness the momentum of kindness, Mackay has created a practical C-A-R-E model; Connect to each person you interact with, Accept your fellow humans as they are regardless of the differences, Respect should always be exchanged because of our interconnectedness, it cannot be given selectively, Engage with your neighbourhood and your communities. Ultimately Mackay’s message is optimistic; if we all choose kindness, we can create the country we want and need. The substantial attendance of attentive listeners on a very cold Friday night was itself an expression of hope for a kinder world. Thank you to one of the attendees for this eloquent review, and thanks to all who ventured out last Friday night, making this another wonderful event as part of our 25 year celebrations." D Readers' Contribution 1) Relationship* Nice write up on relationship during the dusk of our life Many years ago, after I got married I was sitting on a couch on a hot, humid day, sipping frozen juice during a visit to my father. As I talked about adult life, marriage, responsibilities, and obligations, my father thoughtfully stirred the ice cubes in his glass and cast a clear, sober look at me. "Never forget your friends," he advised, "they will become more important as you get older." "Regardless of how much you love your family and the children you happen to have, you will always need friends. Remember to go out with them occasionally, do activities with them, call them ..." "What strange advice!" I Thought. "I just entered the married world, I am an adult and surely my wife and the family that we will start will be everything I need to make sense of my life." Yet I obeyed him; Kept in touch with my friends and annually increased their number. Over the years, I became aware that my father knew what he was talking about. In as much as time and nature carry out their designs and mysteries on a man, friends were the bulwarks of his life. After 50 years of life, here is what I learned: Time passes. Life goes on. The distance separates. Children grow up. Children cease to be children and become independent. And to the parents it breaks the heart but the children are separated of the parents. Jobs come and go. Illusions, desires, attraction, sex ... weaken. People do not do what they should do. The heart breaks. The parents die. Colleagues forget the favors. The races are over. But, true friends are always there, no matter how long or how many miles away they are. A friend is never more distant than the reach of a need, barring you, intervening in your favor, waiting for you with open arms or blessing your life. When we started this adventure called LIFE, we did not know of the incredible joys or sorrows that were ahead. We did not know how much we would need from each other. Love your parents, take care of your children, but keep a group of good friends. Dialogue with them but do not impose your criteria. Dedicated to all my Friends. *Forward received from Komal Khatri Mumbai 2) Become an author : Vathsala Jayaraman Many of us scribble something and wait eagerly for likes, views and responses though one may not expressively say so. I had a mail from my friend conveying the good news that the book 'What men know about women?' which he has been working on for two years ,has at last been published .He had also enclosed as an attachment the copy of the book. At about 2 p. m. the mail box contained so many reviews and responses.Curiously enough I opened the attachment.It was a book containing a fancy cover with the title printed in block letters.It was a crisp video.Some one is opening the book. As he turns on the pages all pages are blank, milky white, not a single word written. These were the responses:- 1. Dear Author, Congratulations! Your book on women is based on research and of course personal experience. A wonderful observation on women. Lord Siva wanted Vishnu to find his Lotus Feet and Brahma his Towering Head. Vishnu confessed his inability to find the feet. Brahma picked up "Thazhambu" which fell from Shiva's head and made a false claim that he had indeed seen Siva's head. You all know that he lost one of his heads by way of punishment. Here you are true like Lord Vishnu and has spoken the truth that no living man or dead has ever succeeded in fathoming the mind of women. Had you approached me for a forward I would have gladly done. The sheets between the front and back cover are virgin and sparkling white and not tainted by lies and half truths. Though you denied me the privilege to write the Forward at least I took it upon myself to post my review of your first book. This should be presented to every young man who craves to take marriage vows. Thanks and regards xxxxxxxxx 2. After two years of deep study and research you have found women crystal clean, blemishless and the milky white pages reflect your sparkling thoughts on sparkling women.I am not competent to write preview or review on such wonderful writings.However On behalf of all the women members , I convey my sincere thanks to you. Wish you many more such publications. xxxxxxxx( me) 3. Unwritten Book and Undrawn painting ---------------------------------------------------- I am reminded of a story in Tamil on reading the book. A king conducted a competition to select the best painter in his kingdom.Hundreds of people participated .Finally two were shortlisted.Both of them were provided all the materials and in the same hall they were allowed to paint.Both the painters were asked to stand with their backs facing each other and there was a tall screen separating them so that one should not be influenced by the other. The stipulated time arrived.The king stood before one painting.It was a superb painting of natural scenery with trees, clouds, river, playing kids, fish underneath etc etc.The king was amazed and appreciated the painter and gave him awards. Now he went to the second painter.It was an exact replica ,of the opposite painting. There was a big screen and guards. How was it possible for the painter to exactly duplicate the work done by the opposite party? The king thought for a while.He went near the board. The board was blank. There was no painting at at all. The painter has utilised his full time to clean and polish the board so well that it reflected the painting of the artist painting at the opposite side. Even a small dirt on the opposite board was clearly reflected. The king obviously selected the second one as the best artist for the efforts he had taken to keep the back ground so blemishless so that it could reflect 100% of the image opposite to it. The king revealed a great philosophy out of the undrawn painting.We need not struggle ourselves to make God reside in our hearts by so many methodologies and techniques, meditation, dhyana, prayers, poojas etc etc. God need not be brought from outside. He already exists. We have just to clean up mind /heart and keep it blemishless so that the internal God shines! Congrats, the author! The empty pages in your book have made you worthy of achieving two awards simultaneouly- a writer and a philosopher. How great you are! Written by myself 4 As I gleaned through the empty pages of the book, I am reminded of a poem of Keats 'Ode on Grecian Urn;.on which there would be a painting of lovers ABOUT to hug each other.The poet kindles his own imagination how the the undone acts are more powerful. His famous words in the poem 'Heard melodies are sweet, those unheard are sweeter' are still reverberating. We were asked to give various interpretation to those lines in 1959, when we were in the second year of graduation. I wrote about a non written story with so many characters. Now the author by his wonderful imagination has made my thoughts a reality-tons of thanks to him. Keats, if alive today would have definitely written "Written lines are printed; but those unwritten are better imprinted'- xxxxxxx( myself) .Vathsala Jayaraman E Friendship Poems https://bookriot.com/friendship-poems/ What to expect : "Friends and family are important to our wellbeing. However, there are a plethora of poems about family members so I decided to focus on the harder task: poems about friendship. I’ve compiled a list of 20 friendship poems in honor of those people who keep the loneliness away. These poems come from a variety of eras and viewpoints and include themes of friends lost, friends to the world, and also bad friends. This list is by no means exhaustive; it’s a list of poems that I liked that brought out different aspects of friendship." F Leisure 1) Prediction for Leo for June 16, 2021 : Leo Daily Horoscope You are an optimistic individual and today is the day to let the world know it and benefit from it! This will render you the reputation of being a motivational speaker, something you have been longing for to achieve! Strained relations with people in society will get better as they will stop finding faults with you anymore! 2) Salary hike justified* A successful man working in a large companytells his boss one day “If you want me to continue working for you, I need a 20% raise. You have 24 hours to give me an answer. I have four companies chasing me, so let me know your decision”. The boss is alarmed. “In this recession, a 20 percent raise? So many employees are being laid off, and so many others have seen a major cut in their salaries, yet you want a 20% raise?” "I will not argue with you," says the employee. "As I said, there are four companies chasing me, so just let me know your decision." Next day, the boss calls him in, and says that due to his great performance he decided to comply and will give him the requested raise. "Great," the man says, “I will continue gladly with you." As he is leaving, his boss asked, "Out of curiosity, who are the four companies chasing you?" "Oh" he responded, "Kotak Personal loan , Citi credit card, SBI Vehicle Loan, and HDFC Home loan." I have to repay them all *Forward received from A P Ramadurai Cheñnai G Quotes about relationship https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/lillian_hellman_105276?src=t_relationship Like : "Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational." Hugh Mackay (Hugh Clifford Mackay AO is the founder of the Australian quarterly research series The Mackay Report 1979-2003, which later became The Ipsos Mackay Report. He is a psychologist, social researcher and writer.)


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