Warrier's COLLAGE June 23, 2021: Music Therapy

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE Wednesday June 23, 2021 Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Music/Prayer 1) Mathrubhumi : A Musical Concert https://youtu.be/ioKW6yu70og (Link Courtesy : Shivaram Shetty Ex-RBI Mumbai) 2) Tribute to K V Mahadevan https://youtu.be/MxPAqIUP3Dc (Link Courtesy : Prabha Ramadurai CheΓ±nai) 3) Siddhivinayak Darshan 2020 https://youtu.be/qs4zAs8rLZ4 (Link Courtesy : Saravana Varma Thiruvananthapuram) B Responses 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai While writing about CAW CAW story I just added the incident of Rama's Viswaroopa Darshan to sage Kakabhushandi. Shri kelkar with his fine response has ornamented it further with incidents from Uttarakhand of Ramacharita manas. It is not a mere story but can be compared to an analysed thesis on Gnana marga and Bhakthi marga which merge with each other and the essential difference between maya and Bhakthi. Wonderful exposition. Thank you Kelkar Sir. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Muthulakshmi Srinivasan Vatsala jayaraman is a storehouse of knowledge.thanks for the various information you are giving. Vyasasdescription about Krishna flute recital is fantastic.lady Meherbai Tata needs to be publicised more .Such a noble philanthropist .She donated money for joining the Bombay isles and had stipulated that no toll should be used for using the bridges .today's links charge money for using them a great salute for the great lady 3) Vishnu Kelkar B LIGHT HOUSE A man was on the roof top of his house. He wanted to save his life from the floods. The water level was inching up very fast every passing minute. Within no time water had already entered the houses and reached upto first floor. The disaster management teams were carrying out rescue operations by operating small boats. The frantic efforts to persuade the man on the roof top to come down and go to a safer place failed. He continued to say that GOD will help him and that there was no need for him to run away by taking a boat ride. Finally water level rose still higher and the man on the roof top drowned and died. He met GOD after death. The man asked him why did he not come to save his life ? The GOD replied that he was right there to save him from drowning but 'you did not take the benefit of the boats operating to carry people to safer places. You did not look within yourself. You thought GOD was somewhere out in the open and will come in search for you.' The man realised his mistake but it was too late. VNKelkar C Books on Music Therapy https://www.heartandharmony.com/11-must-read-books-for-music-therapists-in-2020/ The Heart and Harmony team compiled a list of 11 must-read books for music therapists in 2020! C God, Are You Listening? 1) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Atheism The arguments regarding Atheism have been in existence, ever since human beings began to think independently.Such arguments found a place in Vedic period, trethayuga and Dvapara yuga also. It is strange to see that the same arguments are put forth by both the sides. It is essentially an attitude. We also observe that being good or bad has nothing to do with atheism. People may change. Attitude also may change. We have been living in this area of Chennai for more than 50years. In 1968 I found a pillar in a house containing the words "Kadavulai Nambubavan Kaattu Miraandi"- "A person who believes in God is uncivilized" In 1990 the house was renovated by the same owner and another pillar was constructed with the words"Kadavul oru karpanai enum unmaiyai arindhavan thaan nambubavan"- He is the believer who realises the truth that God is a thing of imagination" In 2011, the same owner, now around 80, has replaced the board. Now the pillar inscription reads" Kadavulai nambubavan Kaattu miraandiyum alla. Kadavulai nambaadavan arivaaliyum alla- the person who believes in God cannot be considered uncivilized.A person who does not believe in God can neither be considered wise" As the people grow up, they get matured and there is integration of inherent qualities resulting in total transformation sometimes. As long as there is humanity,arguments about Atheism will continue and humanity will thrive because of and notwithstanding such discussions. Vathsala Jayaraman V T Panchapagesan elucidates : Atheism and Theism are just like two eyes existing at all times. We also say Good and Bad, describing people. Aadi Shankaracharya knowing this said Not Two but one knowing Two emanating from ONE only which is Supreme. Kannadasan was in the beginning an atheist but later on he had changed to Theist by coming into contact with realized souls. Purnam is whole , all pervading.. This universe is only a projection upon the Supreme Brahman.. It is like the snake superimposed upon the rope.. A mere illusory projection. Take away the image of the snake. What remains is the rope..Similarly discard the universe. What remains is Brahman. Infinite minus Infinite equals infinite Which is mathematically true.... Take a candle light. Let any number of candles be lit from it. The original light is not the less. The infinite Brahman is the goal of perfection for both the The Master And The Student which is the quintessence of Hinduism.. V. T. Panchapagesan 2) M G Warrier Mumbai Emerging Kerala Model M G Warrier The controversy over the entry of women in a certain age group in Sabarimala Temple which still remains unresolved, can be a case study to understand the multiplicity of bondages among communities in Kerala and to research how superficial and selfish motives guide mob behavior. The present temple in Sabarimala was built by a Christian landlord. Devotees of Lord Ayyappa (irrespective of their religion, caste or community) are “Ayyappaas”(The Tathwamasi concept is factored in, once a person decides to visit Sabarimala Ayyappa) during the 41 days ending with climbing Sabarimala Hills and worshipping Ayyappa. Before Ayyappaas proceed to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, devotees worship a Muslim God “Vaavar”. All these points to the harmonious relationship fostered by Ayyappa worship. Even before going into the rights and wrongs of the present controversy, let us have a look at one aspect of the issue which is being discussed in media widely. That is the responsibility of the state government (i) to protect the interests of the devotees and (ii) to implement the verdict of the Apex Court. As the present government in Kerala is dominated by Communist Party (Marxist) with CP(M) leader Pinarayi Vijayan as Chief Minister, let us find out what is the Marxist view on government and religion. Lenin on Religion The Marxist-Leninist teachings concerning religion and the attitude of the workers’ party towards religion as enunciated by Lenin in his articles Socialism and Religion, the Attitude of the Workers’ Party towards Religion and The Attitude of Classes and Parties toward Religion are: 1. That all religion is a form of “spiritual oppression”—the “opium of the people.” 2. That the programme of the Marxist Party is based on materialist philosophy. 3. That the party resolutely demands the separation of church from state and fights against both militant clerical reaction and “liberal” attempts to fog the minds of the people with religious illusions. 4. That the party does not include the propagation of atheism in its programme, nor does it demand atheism from all its members, but regards the abstract preaching of atheism and the artificial fostering of religious divisions amongst the workers as harmful and as playing into the hands of reaction. (Source : Reader's Guide to Marxist Classics) The Leninist approach at 4 is consistent with the secular spirit of the Indian Constitution. Simply put, government and religion should remain separate and non-interfering in each other’s affairs. The government should definitely play a proactive role in persuading religious and social groups to change with the times. Inside the state, Kerala has places of worship with multiple rituals and practices. From a temple in Kannur District where toddy is not taboo (Parassinikkadavu Temple) to a Goddess who accepts abusive words being included in songs sung by devotees in her praise (Kodungalloor Bhagavathy). As society progresses, changes are inevitable. The problem starts when religious or social groups get a feeling that some outside force imposes changes in isolation (to a particular region or group of people) and political interests encash the emotions of devotees of any denomination. Kerala Model Viewing from a different angle, I can visualize another "Kerala Model" emerging. Let's believe, there is no dead end in diplomacy. If one door closes, eight others will open. Politicizing issues suits while in opposition. The present CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan knows that more than anyone else. He has lived through dismissal of EMS ministry of 1957 in 1959, was active during emergency days and has literally survived several attacks, personal and political. The maturity in approach now evident in his thoughts, talks and actions have evolved over a long period of political Tapasya. Sabarimala episode is going to be another tough test for him, perhaps tougher than the August 2018 floods or even the current pandemic. He knows, for him and Kerala, it is significant to prove that every problem comes packaged with multiple solutions. The right one will emerge at the right time. Hurry doesn't pay. Nor does procrastination. Hopefully, a new Kerala Model will emerge during the current decade. Lord Ayyappa becoming "Nimithamathram"* should satisfy people from both the poles! (Believers and those whom they (Believers) consider "Atheists". For some, I'm an Atheist, though I have spent several years in premises they believe God is present πŸ™) πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™-Warrier *Bhagavad-Gita : https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/chapter/11/verse/33 "BG 11.33: Therefore, arise and attain honor! Conquer your foes and enjoy prosperous rulership. These warriors stand already slain by me, and you will only be an instrument of my work, O expert archer." ****************** D Readers' Contribution 1) M G Warrier Mumbai https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/magic-of-music-and-mantras/m-lite Till about two decades before, that is before the channel and mobile revolutions, when the main source of music used to be radios and transistors, listening to music was a private enjoyment confined to the four walls of the house or to individuals. Now things have changed and whether you like it or not a certain dose of music is compulsorily infused into your ears, many a time, much against your wishes. The sources could vary from the loud keerthanas flowing out from the megaphones around a nearby temple early in the morning to the film songs you are forced to listen to when you dial a relative or close friend to inform something very important or when you phone up a help desk in a government or corporate office or what you are forced to listen to while waiting at a bus-stop near which there is a community hall where some social function is under way or some political party is arranging a gathering. Some of these situations could be irritating unless you develop a positive approach to music. Better develop a taste for music so that you can enjoy life in a world which has accepted music almost as a therapeutic intervention for all ills and as an ingredient of all celebrations (and rituals and rites!). Sound-Healing https://www.healthline.com/health/sound-healing#types E Blogs & Links 1) Fake News and Social Media https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/world-of-words/fake-news-and-social-media-33975/ Posted online comments : ' misinformation, disinformation, and mal -information. well-classified. many thanks for opening a discussion on \"fake news\". fake news is the modern avatar of various types of gossips in existence for centuries. earlier the harm was limited. now with the developments in technology the extent of harm the kind of fake news that is spreading and multiplying faster than viruses is unimaginable. mainstream media and social media users need to be aware of the original source of the information they are sharing.' 2) Laurel and Hardy https://madrascourier.com/biography/stan-laurel-oliver-hardy-the-kings-of-comedy/ "What a mess they’d often get themselves into. This was, and is, eternal bliss—during their time, yesterday, today, and for tomorrow too. It holds a magical spell, never before, or after, incarnate. Most of us know that laughter is the best medicine—a natural remedy for a host of ills and moody blues. Modern science testifies to such a credo, not just in terms of possibility constructs, but also actual precepts. So, what could be everyone’s best example of true laughter than the images of Laurel and Hardy—comedians par excellence—who laughed their way through the Great Depression? This is not all. Their fascinating impressions are still with us, as instant deliverers from our own sense of ennui, not just because they were the most remarkable two-man ensemble, the first great—and, perhaps, the last—Hollywood motion-picture comedy team, in a genre of their own, but also because they were to slapstick what the falling apple was to Sir Isaac Newton." 2) Communication with Self : Aparokshanubhuti https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/communication-with-self-10864 "Communication is the most easy and the most difficult art we learn during our lives. From the first cry of the new-born child to the “communication with God” god-men and spiritual leaders talk about, there exist a variety of different methods and languages of communication. As communication with God may be incomprehensible for some and confusing for others, let us substitute “SELF” for God. The whole scenario changes. For advanced learning on the subject, a small text titled “Aparokshaanubhuthi” (144 stanzas in Sanskrit) attributed to Adi Shankaracharya is available. Treatises like Aparokshanubhuti (which roughly translates to “Self Realization), aim at serving as introductions to a more advanced study of a system of philosophy." F Leisure 1) First Day in RBI : S Venugopal Chennai Dear All, It was 56 years ago we, numbering just one more than a dozen, joined RBI Chennai as Coin/Note Examiners (CNEs) and we were posted in the Bank's Note Examination Halls. We were all visually stunned and struck by the pile of currency notes on the tables and should say a little nervous on that historic & happy occasion. RBI the custodian of currency and regulator of all other banks had given asylum to us. It was like having a dream since on coming out of the office and meeting other kind of a home away from home and RBI CASH was one! In the eyes & minds of relatives and friends we seemed to have grown in stature suddenly. Cash Dept in which we started our career was like a well-knit family and all used to be very affectionate and very much friendly to move with. Apart from the salary which was above than other banks the very atmosphere was like a Home away from Home! RBI Chennai is reputed for the system and hard working staff and we have all been very lucky to have put our feet into the glorious and great Banyan Tree of financial symbol. Today after 5+decades and even after retiring, the goodwill of the RBI continues with all of us. A few of us who happened to exchange wishes on this important occasion became too nostalgic of the moment. Long live RBI fraternity! Sirs! 22nd June 1965 was my joining date and we are almost in touch even after retirement though not as frequently as we can try to do so! Today, WE, the first batch of Optional Early Retirement Scheme (OERS) completed 18 years of retirement from the great Reserve Bank of India and exactly on 30th September 2003 WE called it a day from the RBI and on this great event I WISH ALL THE OERS FRIENDS A HEALTHY PROSPEROUS AND PEACE FUL YEARS TO COME AND I ALSO NOW APPEAL TO ALL OUR FRIENDS TO SHARE THE HAPPINESS AND FINER MOMENTS OF RBI! I also wish all the retirees, Seniors and Juniors, and we are always together and we are always friends! Let us remember the great quote of Late John F Kennedy for the moment! "ASK NOT WHAT THE COUNTRY HAS DONE FOR U!ASK YOURSELVES WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR THE COUNTRY!! ASK NOT WHAT RBI HAS DONE FOR US! ASK YOURSELVES WHAT YOU HAVE DONE 2 RBI! Please my dear friends, PONDER OVER this and share your thoughts and views in our forums for more interactions between us. LONG LIVE RBI ie GREAT BANYAN TREE!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ S Venugopal (Interesting memories. I too retired under OERS from RBI Mumbai on September 30, 2003. I lost the chance of joining CheΓ±nai RBI with you as the 14th CNE on June 22, 1965, because of my poor marks in SSLC- I had applied for the Recruitment Test you wrote, wasn't called πŸ™-Warrier) 2) Nelson Mandela : Repartee* When Nelson Mandela was studying law at the University, a white professor, whose last name was Peters, disliked him intensely. One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room when Mandela came along with his tray & sat next to the professor. The professor said, "Mr Mandela, you do not understand, a pig & a bird do not sit together to eat" Mandela looked at him as a parent would a rude child & calmly replied, "You do not worry professor. I'll fly away," & he went & sat at another table. Mr. Peters, reddened with rage, decided to take revenge. The next day in class he posed the following question: "Mr. Mandela, if you were walking down the street & found a package, & within was a bag of wisdom & another bag with money, which one would you take ?" Without hesitating, Mandela responded, "The one with the money, of course." Mr. Peters, smiling sarcastically said, "I, in your place, would have taken the wisdom." Nelson Mandela shrugged & responded, "Each one takes what he doesn't have." Mr. Peters, by this time, was about to throw a fit, seething with fury. So great was his anger that he wrote on Nelson Mandela's exam sheet the word "IDIOT" & gave it to the future struggle icon. Mandela took the exam sheet & sat down at his desk trying very hard to remain calm while he contemplated his next move. A few minutes later, Nelson Mandela got up, walked up to the professor & told him in a dignified polite tone, "Mr Peters, you signed your name on the sheet, but you forgot to give me my grade." Moral : Avoid messing with intelligent guys. They have nothing to lose! πŸ™-Warrier *Forward received from Badrinarayanan CheΓ±nai G Quotes about Music Therapy https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/music-therapy.html "The healing power of music is vast. Music therapy is in its infancy in Western psychology. If we knew more, we'd be able to do amazing things, and maybe even make permanent changes in the brain's mysterious workings. With a simple song and four chords, you might be able to do something useful, even life-changing. With all the songs you know, you might be a virtual, veritable medicine chest for the right person." Gary Talley (Gary Talley is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and author. He began his career as lead guitarist for the Grammy-nominated group The Box Tops who were famous for hits like "The Letter", and "Cry Like a Baby".) H Obituary : Poovachal Khader Malayalam Lyricist passed away: Malayalam lyricist Poovachal Khader no more: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/malayalam-lyricist-poovachal-khader-no-more/article34897912.ece Report : Poovachal Khader, one of Malayalam cinema’s most prolific lyricists of all time, passed away in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday. He was 72. He had been undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at the Govt. Medical College. In a career that spanned over five decades, Khader wrote over a thousand songs in more than 350 films. He had to his credit some of the biggest ever hits in Malayalam film music. Hit Movie Songs : https://youtu.be/9cVXx8-QeLc


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