Warrier's COLLAGE June 21, 2021 : YOGA Day 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE Monday June 21, 2021 1) Knowledge and Action in Vedanta : Sarvapriyanda https://youtu.be/pXYg-ZLJYbM 2) Housewarming Party in US https://youtu.be/o3TjjVFAshw (Watch Anjali's enthusiasm and role 🙏-Warrier) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier International YOGA Day, June 21, 2021 https://www.indiatoday.in/amp/information/story/international-yoga-day-2021-theme-history-significance-and-everything-you-need-to-know-1816947-2021-06-19 (Source : India Today) A Select Responses 1) Father's Day Message THE FOURTH CHOICE* A daughter asked her dad if she has ever made him cry in front of her before, because she don’t remember ever seeing him cry. He said, “Once.” He told her that when she was 3 years old, he laid out a pen, a rupee, and a toy in front of her. He wanted to see which one she would pick… it represents what you’ll value most when you grow up. Like the pen is intelligence, money is wealth and the toy is fun. He was just doing it out of curiosity. It was interesting for him to see which one she would pick anyway. He said that she just sat there and stared at the items. He sat across from her and waited patiently. According to him, she went towards them, he held his breath, and she pushed everything aside and went straight into his arms. He didn’t realize that he was one of the choices. And that was the first, and the only time she made him cry. *Received from S R Badrinarayanan Cheñnai 2) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The goal is Moksha. Then why take birth? Well, friends, is birth in our hands? It is some one else's work. Hence it is that once born, we strive for Moksha. Subbaraman 3) V R Chittanandam Cheñnai The write up by Shri Babusenan appearing in today's Collage on the Prince of Kottarakkara and the birth of Kathakali is interesting. I am sending this to all my contacts. Chittanandam 4) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Sudha is 100 percent correct. Teachers are advised not to give first rank to the same child and he should know the impact of back ranking and failures. Mothers, especially educated ones give too much stress and fix unachievable targets to children. Yes, train each child for failure, an essential unavoidable part of life. (Incidentally, it was a "Forward" received from Sudha 🙏-Warrier) 5) N N Shantaram Hello Madanji*, I am a member of Exrbites Group and my membership No is M 864. It is observed that for the last 3/4 days I am not receiving the mails exchanged by the Group. The mails exchanged are very informative, knowledgeable, educative, entertaining and cover a lot of information about our esteemed institution RBI. The core group formed by executives of RBI, the purpose for which it is created, and also the outcome and results by the committee as well as the action taken by RBI on the recommendations of the core group. I would like to give a small list of mails exchanged, which is very useful : PPR's RBI's News Letter, latest. Travel with PPR, places covered by him and also various articles covered by him on many interesting subjects. MKR"s New IT Portal Vijay Karnik's Exercise to your brain cells Govinda Warrier's "Warrier's COLLAGE" which is very special, covering Spiritual aspects, the Temples and many other things. Venugopal"s Video from Venu Mails from knowledgeable members about accessing new IT Portal, explaining the nitty gritty of filing the ITR, explained by an expert in a very lucid manner. K Balasubramanian's circulars issued by RBI on various topics like GMP, MAF etc. Govindrajulu Mohandas's mail on issue of Smart Cards etc. Your own wishing the members on their birthdays on a weekly basis giving their place and Mail id's. In view of the above I request that the mails exchanged may please be forwarded to all the Members. I Hope everyone will agree with my suggestion. Regards, N N Shantaram (*MadanJi is Moderator, exrbitesplus@googlegroups.com. Copied this from Group mail to illustrate the interest readers take in Group Interaction 🙏-Warrier) B Current Affairs 1) A Housewarming in a remote village in Kerala today https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/a-2021-housewarming-and-some-memories-33956/ A 2021 housewarming and some memories* M G Warrier The house that was last known as "Krishna Nivas" where my eldest sister and family stayed for long years, was demolished last year and a new bunglow, yet to be named, has come up in its place. The housewarming of the new house, built by my sister's grandchildren, is scheduled for coming Monday. I have known the discomfort of a person who didn't have a house of his own. I had my ancestral home till early 1950's and my own house constructed with a loan from my employer from 1977. The quarter century in between I suffered some complex, yet to be named, as I felt I was missing something which everyone else had, when asked to write down "Permanent Address" As I have some nostalgic memories about the compound in which the third generation bunglow which will become "My Home" for a medium size family now, I thought this is the right time to share my thoughts about the evolution of this new house. What follows is the end product. Let me take you to 1950's when I was in primary school. Years prior to that, my granduncle had purchased about 2 acres of land here and constructed a small thatched house on the plot. For the family which consisted himself, his wife and a son in his teens during 1930's, the house was big enough. Uncle, himself a teacher, owned a couple of primary schools and the family had some odd, but regular, responsibilities relating to several temples in the neighborhood and some functions to perform during annual festivals in a couple of temples a little far off. All these helped the family live a fairly average middle class life. Once during 1950's, when my granduncle came to our ancestral house, he took me to the large kitchen there. He made me walk with him when he was measuring the length and breadth of the kitchen by his steps. On completion, he quietly told me, "My house can be placed in this kitchen!" Then I didn't know what he had in mind. Later on I understood what he meant. By length and breadth or by total plinth area they were of the same size! My eldest sister was married to this granduncle's only son who was also a teacher. This additional relationship gave me more opportunities to visit my granduncle and grandaunty more often during my childhood. As she grew older my grandaunty lost her eyesight and later suffered from memory-related issues. On the day she died, a messenger was sent to the ancestral home some 8 km away. By the time my mother and I reached to pay homage, the funeral pire had been lit and we could see the smokes even before reaching the compound. Non-availability of transport and communication systems those days resulted in our delayed arrival. During 1980's a tiled two-storey house replaced the old thatched house. The present concrete bunglow has replaced that second generation house also. Owning a house is the first priority for middle class families in Kerala. Of late, building a house has also become a medium to show off one's financial status. Some others who are rich and can therefore afford, build houses in different forms and shapes, like ship, aeroplane etc. When I was constructing my house on a 60'x40' plot in Thiruvananthapuram during 1970's, the masonry contractor who was in charge of almost the entire construction had taught me some basic lessons, which I consider, are still valid. Like : 1 Think of utility, cost-benefit, ventilation and durability. Appearance is secondary. 2 If you currently need 2 BHK, plan a 3 BHK House, not larger than that. 3 Try to be within the plan and budget without compromise on quality of materials used. 4 Present estimated life of a house is 50 years. Select material accordingly. 5 If you are planning a two-storey house, ensure the foundation can stand a 3-storey house. If one gets involved, constructing a house teaches valuable management lessons for life. House-warming is an occasion to renew and reinforce relationships. (*Written on the occasion of the House-warming function of the house "Dwaraka" constructed by my niece Thankamani & family (My sister's daughter Thankamani, husband Ramachandran, sons Pradeep & Prashant, daughter Praseeda and their spouses and children), on June 21, 2021 🙏-Warrier) 2) Lockdown musings The silence of the lockdown : https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/the-silence-of-the-lockdown/article34858467.ece "Now that I think of it, my room has had a rather lonely life, one in which I could not provide enough time and care. Beyond the charm it now selflessly lends me to brighten these hard and lonesome days, I can’t help but notice the small cracks on the window sills, corners with peeled-off wall paint, and the shaky cot head. The blatant testimonies of a life well past its prime. My room must have had its ups and downs, disagreements with the table re-arrangements I often made, the misplaced books on the shelf, the secret quotes I wrote on the wall, the raucous noise we made when my friends came over, and the suppressed tears I covertly shed on my pillows. My room must have wanted to clean it all up, the mess in and outside me. I should have listened to all its written and unwritten stories, and the melancholy we together composed. My room had held close in its heart, everything I had so callously abandoned. All these years, it had harboured in its ordinariness, an abundance large enough to house the different shades of me. Now I hear the clock ticking and the flutter of unturned calendar pages. And I realise with a sigh that all my room had wanted was to let me evolve, and evolve through me." (If walls were alive... 🙏-Warrier) 3) News you can use : zee5 US Launch https://www.livemint.com/industry/media/zee5-to-launch-in-the-us-on-22-june/amp-11623386744135.html ZEE5, the video streaming service owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, will launch in the United States on 22 June, the company said in a statement. The OTT service is already present in international territories such as the UK and the Middle East. The ZEE5 annual pack, priced at $84 will be available across devices at a limited launch offer price of $49.99. C Book Review : Light on Yoga http://livethewonderful.life/7-reasons-to-read-light-on-yoga-by-b-k-s-iyengar/ "The book “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar is a wonderful item to have on your bookshelf. Written by the yoga legend, B.K.S. Iyengar, the man who founded the style of yoga known as “Iyengar”. This book is like a super guide for yoga, detailed and filled with all the good stuff. This particular version is amazing, bigger in size and very easy to read. If you’re a yoga beginner or an advanced yogi, this book is worth a spot on your bookshelf. Here are 7 Reasons to Read “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar." D Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai CAW CAW Story With a single syllable 'caw' the bird is able to communicate better than what we human beings do with millions of words in the dictionary. With a small miniature black form, it has attained the gloriest tribute of being the representative of our ancestors. They are just satisfied with 'black' and are not victimized by 'Fair and Lovely' cream. A child's life starts with crow. We see mothers feeding children in open having a cup of dal rice with liberal dose of ghee extending the rice to the crow first and to the baby next..Many pancha tantra stories revolve around crows-the dull headed crow that stole the vadai,the intelligent modern crow that kept the vadai in its claws and cheated the fox, Dropping bigger stones into a jar of water is not accidental. They know pretty well that bigger stones can displace more water soon. Crow watching is as interesting as sky watching. If you place some food in a small basket at a distance, crow will search for a small wire from somewhere, bend it into a hook and simply draw the basket. In our country, crows are seen as representing communistic principles of sharing. But present day crows are opportunists. Perhaps those poets would not have imagined the thefty character of crows. It is strange that crows are able to locate the pattern of traffic lights. They are very sure of red light sign for cross walk, simply cross the road, pick up some nuts or eatables and escape unhurt. This skill, even human beings have not learnt. Many get involved in accidents because of wrong assessment. Quick quiz: What day of the week do the garbage men come to your block? What day do they service the next block over? And the one after that? And after that? Some people are interested in knowing these things. This must be a proud moment for Them. But they need not get too excited, because it also means that they just been outscored on a test by a bird: Crows have been known to memorize the patterns of garbage trucks so they can get easy access to the sweet, sweet waste contained within. They know they don't have the strength to open the cans, but also that the sanitation workers who open the cans for them inevitably leave some trash behind, so the crows simply memorize a driver's schedule, then follow the trucks to pick out anything tasty. Now I understood why the crows exactly arrive at the time we keep rice on the balcony. They know when we switch on the pumpset. They would stand on the outlet pipe and take water as soon as the tank starts overflowing. Crows can recognise human faces, to a frightening degree. I have read that when seven masked men tried to catch the crows,the crows were able to recognise those 7 men out of hundreds of people wearing masks and went murder crazy on those 7 men only,recognising their eyes. All that cawing isn't just noise; they're talking to one another, and doing so in a very advanced fashion. So, not only do they recognize us as individuals, but they have the means to describe us in detail to one another, even across generations. You know what that means: If you've ever meddled with a crow, even if it was just the one time, decades ago, his children might be out there right now, plotting bloody revenge against us.That is why in our mythology crows are treated as our ancestors. Who knows whether they come to bless or curse? Today we talk of development in advanced communication and boast ourselves becoming global. But it is surprising that the communication network among crows is too intricate to be imagined by human beings. They know the street and address and can easily pass it on to other crows. Nowadays when criminal cases get extended to years, lawyers find it extremely difficult to correlate the papers. But see the crow. If anybody does any harm, the crows can take revenge , identify the person with the mere eyesight and can attack him after a few years. Perhaps the investigation Dept can, with the help of some ornithologists try to train crows in their dept for easy investigation. Six years back my husband had a visible lump of a small lemon size,on his head. Very much visible because of baldness. It did not disappear with ointments and medications and it was a nuisance. Doctors did not advise surgical removal as he was a brain injury patient. One day as he was performing Surya Namaskaram near the well, a crow was found to be just wandering over his head for a few mts and it did not leave him notwithstanding so many shoutings and Choo-choo drivings. Next morning at the same time the crow sat over his head and within two seconds it plucked away the lump and flew away. The lump didn't reappear. The black surgeon had done a magic. Our summer holidays were spent in preparing vadam in the mottai madi ( open terrace). Naturally we had to protect vadams from the crows. Notwithstanding our keeping umbrellas and black plastic covers crows invariably hover around to pick up the tasty vadams. It is entirely a different issue that children would eat the wet tasty vadams and throw the blame on crows. I will not be doing justice if I don't mention about Rama'sViswaroopam. Crow has an important place in Tulsi Ramayan Whenever I think of Viswaroopam I can't but be reminded of the sage KakaBhushandi. Those who have studied Rama Charita manas in Hindi might have known. Sage KakaBhushandi took the form of a crow and was revolving around the world.He saw the entire objects of nature as Rama. So Lord Rama somehow decided to show his Vishwaroopam to the sage. As the sage in the form of crow was enjoying the Balalilas of Rama, the child Rama wanted to catch the crow which started flying. The cute little hand of Rama followed the crow wherever it went, even beyond Brahmalokam. The sage was literally panicky. Ultimately he was back in Ayodhya. He took the form of smallest crow and enjoying the beauty of the child sitting very near to his face. Rama utilised this opportunityand swallowed the crow. The sage could see many brahmandas, crores of devas, maheswaras, stars, many suryas,yamas, lots of mountains, seas and oceans,sages, human beings, kinnaras- among them the beautiful child Rama also. He was totally amazed at this great sight within the small stomach of Rama. The child Rama laughed loudly at the confusion of the sage held in his stomach. Along with his laughter, Kakabhushandi sage also came out. This is beautifully explained by Tulsidas in his Ramacharita Manas. Vathsala Jayaraman E Tears In My Daddy's Eyes He was always my pillar when I knew I'd fall Always my anchor, so strong and tall His hard face changes only for me His softer side, so careless and free He knows my dreams are too big for this place His little girl's leaving, ready to begin her race He knows I'll be thinking of him wherever I go I know I'm ready to do this on my own But still I cry and he holds me tight He tries to be strong, not a tear in sight I'm ready to reach for the stars in the sky He's ready to watch his princess fly It's time to let go, sure of a path to take But now I know, even pillars can break For when I drive away, trying to stifle my cries All I could see were tears in my father's eyes. By Unknown Mystery F Leisure 20 Strange/Odd houses https://www.scoopwhoop.com/amp/Strangest-houses-from-around-the-world/ "Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. Some choose art forms like music and dancing, others like to write poems and prose. However, one of the most underrated forms of art is architecture. Designing a great home is no easy task. A home where its residents can feel more comfortable than anywhere else in the world. Although most architects design homes that fit properly into the urban centres all around the world, there are a few who like to stand out. They use their homes to make a statement. Here's a look at some of the strangest and bizarre houses from around the world." G Quotes about Yoga https://yogamedicine.com/40-yoga-quotes-inspiration/ Like : "Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” — B.K.S. Iyengar


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