Adjusting to new locations

The Hindu Open Page story "A transplant that is best avoided" by Dr Tiny Nair (published on June 16, 2024) is as always, a thought-provoking piece from the senior Cardiologist who picks up plots for his stories from his daily work experience. The piercing smell of real life around you make his story different from the stuff dished out by celebrity authors. This short piece took me back to several places I've stayed, different geographies in which my dear and near ones stay for earning their daily bread and also remind me of healthy people I've met on wheelchairs for various reasons. One thought which keeps me disturbing again came to my mind : Is a post-retirement settlement plan feasible for an average middle class Indian in today's world? Believe me, I have written a 2000 word article on this subject which was published in a magazine. I received a handsome remuneration for the article. And today I am not able to write a paragraph on the subject with convincing clarity. When we are closer to the reality, picture gets blurred. M G Warrier


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