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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday June 19, 2024 https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/thoughts-on-vishnu-sahasranamam Malayalam Movie : https://www.facebook.com/share/p/Jr3SVhbsiNLBYyz4/?mibextid=xfxF2i From FB Post By Tovino Thomas Thrilled to announce one of my next film ‘Avaran' helmed by Shilpa Alexander and scripted by the veteran Benny P Nayarambalam. Jinu Abraham will bankroll the project under the banner JIINU ABRAHAM INNOVATION. A big thank you!! to our Mammooka, Lalettan, Prithviraj and Manju Warrier for sharing our announcement whole heartedly.. Shout out to our Fantastic Crew - Jomon T John, Shameer Muhammad, Jakes Bejoy, Shajie Naduvil, Sameera Saneesh, Ronex Xavier, Sachin Sudhakaran, Aravind Menon, Rohith K S, Sarath Vinu, Reiz Hyder, Anand Rajendran, Suraj K, Diva Jinu. #AVARAN The movie is being directed by Shilpa daughter of Advocate C V Alexander (Ex-RBI, Thiruvananthapuram) Wish the Movie all success M G Warrier A 20th Century Memories Last year when we decided to finally vacate Upasana, our Thiruvananthapuram residence for letting out, getting rid of the accumulation of books, furniture, dress and a variety of other articles was a herculean task. After separating the things we decided to take to Mumbai, we shared some usable things with workers and neighbours, relatives and friends. Then, many things including some furniture were left behind inside the house. There was a fairly large bundle of old coins. Mostly from the one paisa coins in different shapes from 1950's. I opened the bundle and had a "last look" before keeping it aside for raddeewala. Next day again took the bundle back and kept a small box of coins which I carried to Mumbai for children. Two incidents from last Century came to my mind. Four-Anna Coin I was in Class 1 or 2. My cousin (Madhavettan) who was in Air Force had come home on his annual leave. Our joint family had disjointed by then and in the tharavadu house there were 4 or 5 groups in different corners. Madhavettan belonged to a comparatively affluent group. Vishnu was approaching and I badly needed some money to buy some crackers. That Sunday I approached Madhavettan and stood before him silently. He was reading newspaper. After some time, he noticed me and looked at me and asked why I was there. I said I needed money to buy pencil. He immediately took out and gave me a pencil and a four-Anna coin with a smile. That was my first independent earning. Call me a beggar. A Beggar rejects coins It was early 1970's. I was returning from an official tour and the train was approaching Thiruvananthapuram. I was sitting in an almost empty AC compartment. A middle-aged beggar approached me. I gave two four-Anna coins. He returned it to me : "I have many such small coins. Couldn't find time to go to bank and get exchanged. Give me one rupee or more of you have. This you can keep" I accepted politely. B Collage Literature Where does poetry stay? : Madras Courier https://madrascourier.com/art-and-poetry/where-does-poetry-stay/ C Current Affairs https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/mumbai/dharavi-residents-to-get-350-sq-ft-flats-after-redevelopment-adani-group/article67743065.ece/amp/ Collage Survival Tips "Everyone Must Survive" At a party attended by many celebrities, the gray-haired veteran walked up to the stage with a cane and took his seat. The host asked : "Do you still go to the doctor often?" "Yes, often." "Why?" "Because patients must go to the doctor often, then the doctor can survive!" The audience burst into warm applause, and people cheered for the veteran's optimism and witty language. The host then asked: "Do you often ask the pharmacist in the hospital about how to take the medicine?" "Yes, I often ask the pharmacist about how to take the medicine, because the pharmacist also has to make money to survive!" There was another round of applause from the audience. "Do you take medicine often?" "No, I often throw away the medicine. Because I also want to survive!" The audience laughed even more. The host finally said: "Thank you for accepting my interview!" The veteran replied: "You're welcome, I know, you have to survive too!" The audience burst into laughter, applause, and cheers, which lasted for a long time! Another question: "Do you still chat in the group often?" The veteran replied: "Yes, I also want to survive in the group! If I don't show up and don't chat, everyone will think I'm dead, and the group admin will kick me out." It is said that this joke was ranked first in the world, because everyone has to live with a smile. I wish all my batchmates & friends happiness and good health! Show up often and post! But let it be light and sensible. Let people know that you are still alive! Lest, your group admin may..... D Collage Media Book Review : A Fly on the RBI Wall By Alpana Killawala Amazon Review By M G Warrier https://www.amazon.in/review/RMTNYZXAKD6AH/ref=pe_1640331_66412301_SRTC0204BT_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv Book Excerpts https://www.governancenow.com/news/books-ideas/some-market-talk-some-gossip-learnings-over-tea-at-rbi E Media Response June 17, 2024 Risk Manager of Year Award 2024* Apropos "RBI Bags Risk Manager of Year Award 2024" (Economic Times, June 17), the news deserved better treatment. Congratulations to RBI. Quoting RBI sources, media reported on Sunday June 16 that RBI has been awarded the 'Risk Manager of the Year Award 2024' by the London-based publishing house Central Banking. Perhaps RBI underplayed the event as the institution is not known for self-marketing. But one feels the activities that earned RBI needs larger coverage in the media to create better awareness among stakeholders about risk management. The thought came to mind after reading the following portion in a related report : 'The RBI established a regulatory sandbox to facilitate controlled experimentation with new financial technology products and services. This allows fintech companies to test their innovations in a limited environment, enabling the RBI to assess potential risks before widespread adoption." M G WARRIER Mumbai *Not published F Collage Psychology : Dreams https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/dreaming Bonus : Self-realization in material life https://m.economictimes.com/opinion/speaking-tree/self-esteem-thats-high/articleshow/111065890.cms This link is about self-esteem. The short piece by Brahma Kumari Asha published today (Speaking Tree, ET, June 18, 2024) is thought provoking. Keep thinking. I've captioned my piece today "Self realisation in material life" to distinguish the content from the philosophical meaning of self realisation. This is purely about realising what others will think about me based on my character as experienced by them. Something like your boss struggled about while writing your annual appraisal. That reminds me what my boss Ramanujam told me while I was in central RPCD. He was Chief Officer and I was sitting before him in his chamber with some work. X dashed into the cabin and without any introduction unleashed a bundle of complaints about work stress and his immediate boss Ms Y. After some spar, Ramanujam asked him to go out and come back after his work with Warrier was over. X went out. When X disappeared, Ramanujam's soliloquy inspired me : "His appraisal I have to complete today. I've to forget all this drama before I take up that. And they are reminding..." "Ok... Let's continue Warrier..." Is this not the reality? Does the memory of the previous moment fade away when we handle the next item in the agenda? Ask Modi. Our everyday responses to situations and messages are all influenced by precedents. Once I learn to remember that others think in the same way as we do, much of the misunderstandings will melt down. M G Warrier


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