Struggle for 100 News

Struggle for Hundred News! Have you ever wondered about the efforts behind the news channels dishing out "Hundred News" everyday? My perception I will share later in this piece. This thought came to my mind sometime after I committed myself to share the 100 words I write everyday in the social media. In my mental diary, I keep two or three subjects on which I will be covering in my morning ritual of writing 100 words as a backup. Most of the days, I get something "current" from the interactions with friends or in media groups and my backup remain safe. The trigger for today's topic is this news squeezed in at 50's in a popular Malayalam Channel's morning 100 News : "Youth caught with"Air Gun" in Vatakara, let off later when it was confirmed that it was"Air Gun"" Perhaps the news is about the delay in the person revealing that it was an air gun. Of course, it would have had news value, if the person had misused the "property" to threaten someone else.


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