Aparokshanubhuti By Shankaracharya

Vishnu Sahasranamam : Dushyant Sridhar https://youtu.be/nT_ca88sFVg?si=fIQChYjab0MwbcEW Book on My Table : Aparokshanubhuti The 1982 reprint of the 1938 edition of Aparokshanubhuti was picked up oñ November 13, 1987 in Thiruvananthapuram. The 78 page book has 144 stanzas in Sanskrit with meaning in English. The same edition in PDF format is available for free download today. The text is attributed to Shankaracharya. About the authorship, Swami Vimuktananda in his preface (September 10, 1938) has this to say : "Even if this (Shankaracharya's authorship) be discounted, the teachings are undoubtedly Advaitic." The text builds up on the theme that "Jivatman (individual self) is part of the Paramatman (Universal Self)" and this identity is realised through the removal of the ignorance that hides the truth. Verses 100 to 129 of Aparokshanubhuti deal specially with the fifteen stages through which the seeker after Truth passes. They are : 1 The control of the senses. 2 The control of the mind. 3 Renunciation. 4 Silence. 5 Space. 6 Time. 7 Posture. 8 The restraining root (Mulabandha) 9 The equipoise of the body. 10 The firmness of vision. 11 The control of the vital forces. 12 The withdrawal of the mind. 13 Concentration. 14 Self-contemplation and 15 Complete absorption. https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/aparokshanubhuti-by-adi-sankara--1 Invocation : Stanza 1 BOW down to Him [Reality], to Sri Hari, the destroyer of ignorance, the Supreme bliss, the first Teacher, Ishwara, the all-pervading One and the cause of all the universes. M G Warrier


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