Modern Technology helps build up relationship

On May 31, 2024, I accessed ChatGPT, an AI-enabled App and asked about my friend E X Joseph (now 90 plus, settled in US). The App was very friendly, gave immediately available information quickly and promised to help, if I had more questions about Joseph. I shared the information received with Joseph because he might not have been updated about the renewal of his listing as Senior Advocate in Supreme Court in January 2024. I could interact with Joseph, my friend since 1964, after a gap of few months. Yes, technology helps in maintaining relationships. This poem is from his book "Songs of Love" which was gifted to me by the author with a one page expression of love in his own hand, during 1999, when the collection of poems was published with a Foreword by Justice V R Krishna Iyer. 🙏 THE SONG OF THE NEW MAN Mankind will soon leave behind a tumultuous, tortured millennium and walk past an unforgettable milestone on the road to the new thousand years. The story of the past many centuries is one of wars, blood and tears the wail and cry of the poor and the lost echo and reecho from far and near the beautiful earth has been witness of conflicts, big and small, killing millions children abused and dying in starvation poverty and degradation stalking continents barbed wire and nuclear bombs held up as triumphs In God's name the earth made into hell In Love's behalf hatred being throned and worshipped Blind and handcuffed mankind stumbling along. The story of the past is also the promise of man's mind making divine flights The opening up of unknown frontiers of space The chip making obsolete national nests and barriers The release of vast, immeasurable energies The waking up of millions to freedom and equality The fall of tyrannies, the resurgence of the young The blushing hints of a new day, a new era. May the New millennium witness the beginning of the true, total Revolution The Birth of a New Man, Free and Bold Hitching his wagon to the stars Singing the Song of Love, of Brotherhood Walking the Road of the Ascent to the Divine Filling every moment with Truth and Beauty Soaring up on wings of the Heart and the Soul.


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