Sunday Musings Sunday June 23, 2024

For some personal reasons Warrier's Collage is on a brief holiday and will resume sometime in the second week of July 2024. As I'm sharing my daily thoughts regularly this holiday is between me and my Collage only. The subject chosen for today's quota of 100 words from me is inspired by an article in The Hindu Open Page by Octogenarian George Netto who has settled in Munnar post-retirement. He is an occasional presence in the Open Page and to use an old usage, my pen friend. Freelancers can connect each other with ease. For that matter, if you are passionate about your hobby, you can easily make friends with another person who has opted for the same hobby (T&C Apply) Coming back to Netto's article, the thoughts shared by him are useful hints to manage post-retirement life. The reason is, they come from someone who is practicing what he is preaching. The usual WhatsApp University stuff dished out for our breakfast come from middle-aged trollers who just imagine what old age can be and add something what they think is funny. Nice Day M G Warrier


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