Art of Giving

Art of Giving The story of IDFC First Bank CEO Vaidyanathan's gift of shares worth crores to his teacher who had helped him with Rs500 when he had no money to travel for the admission interview at BITS Pilani (from where he passed out with a first rank) is now in circulation in social media. As is evident from the above link, Vaidyanathan is now known for "giving back to the society" a part of the wealth that came to him. About giving, the often misquoted traditional advice is that the left hand should not know what the right hand gives. Actually gestures like this should be widely publicised. This takes us to the basics of "Art of Giving" and about social responsibility in general. Long ago while taking out foodgrains for cooking, a small portion used to be set aside in a separate vessel which will be taken out for giving to those who depend upon "Bhiksha" when they visit the house. Now for corporates there's a mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility. People like me, who don't want to part with a pie that has come in (priority is always for saving for the future which may or may not be there!), discourage begging and remember a couple of NGO Scams to become vociferous when approached for help! But many souls like Vaidyanathan compensate for our sins and keep the world going.


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