Mysteries of the Universe

Hundred Plus Words On June 26, 2024 Book on my Table : Mysteries of the Universe By Peter Altman Yesterday I received this book by post from Reader's Digest (India) as gift for renewing subscription for one year. Subscription cost me, I think Rs999 against the monthly cover price of Rs100/- But a gift has its charm and books are still the preferred option universally. I'm told PM Modi carries some copies of Gita to use as return gift when confronted by unexpected gifts. Gita is a reliable shield in any emergency. Even Arjuna understood that, perhaps a little late (He should not have waited to clear his doubts till that day. Just my view!) Back to the book on my table. It's priced 386 and upwards @Amazon and as a Prime member Kindle edition is free for me to read : Mysteries of the Universe - 2nd Edition The book covers 14 "Answerable and Unanswerable" questions including "Does The Prayer 🙏 Work?" Curious to know the answer? There are situations in which Prayer (and only Prayer) works. Everything in the Universe has a purpose. We need not understand all the mysteries. Tail Piece : Let's not tell our grandchildren that Reader's Digest cost only Rs1.75 those days and still we couldn't afford to buy. The response will be : "Don't tell this again and again. I know you were so poor and even the country was poor when a rupee cost only one dollar when you were born!" M G Warrier


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