Random Stories from Mahabharata : Introduction:

Hundred Plus Words On June 24, 2024 Reference Book : Completing Vyasa's Mahabharata By Abhinav Agarwal The Mahabharata in 50 words Random stories from Mahabharata: Introduction The Mahabharata is an account of the descendants of the Kuru lineage; the Pandavas and Kauravas. A lifelong rivalry between the cousins culminated in an 18-day battle in Kurukshetra where the Pandavas emerged victorious. Only three warriors from the Kaurava side and eight from the Pandava side walked away alive. Abhinav Agarwal in his 2023 well-researched book has retold 67 Upakathas related to Mahabharata. Many characters around whom these Upakathas hover around will look familiar by name, but even those with fair familiarity with Mahabharata will be curious to know which missing links Abhinav is going to elucidate as the author claims to "complete" Vyasa's Mahabharata. We will attempt to glance through some of these stories from tomorrow. To break the suspense, we will pick up one story today. Chapter 64 in the book is captioned "Nachiketa: An Appointment with Yama" Many of us may not remember Nachiketa story in the context of Mahabharata. The story appears in 56 Shlokas in Upa parva "Daana Dharma" under Anushasan Parva. We will discuss the story tomorrow, if possible linking it with the Upanishad version of Nachiketa episode. Nice Day M G Warrier


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