A sudden lightness of being


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"An excellent analysis For me, this is the first unbiased article in the mainstream media on the changes being brought about in people's approach to politics. So far analysts have been ignoring the role of IAC, AAP and youth in the political scene during the current decade."

M G Warrier

A silent revolution

This refers to Neera Chandhoke’s article “A sudden lightness of being” (The Hindu, February 9). For me this is the first serious analysis of the changes on the Indian political landscape during the current decade, appearing in the mainstream media. The India Against Corruption(IAC) movement and the role of the youth in churning the perceptions of citizens about the role of “WE THE PEOPLE” in governance was practically ignored by analysts and media persons of repute, who belonged, by and large to old generation.
While, besides media, political leadership, bureaucracy and even judiciary continued to be dominated by those in the age-group of 50 plus, thanks to the advent of social media, the below-fifty population in India having no baggage of legacies or ‘respect’ for the conduct rules inherited from the British, have come to the forefront and many are in leadership roles. One can trust them and their role as opinion-makers who will not mortgage their conscience in the name of ideologies or fear of losing a position. Narendra Modi to Viral Acharya (the new RBI Deputy Governor) owe their elevation to them.
People of India have accepted the leadership of the new generation which is willing to take diversions when a dead end is in sight. The change is irreversible and the earlier the members of the old school take cognizance of the mood of the nation and readjust, the better for them.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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