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Hindu nostalgia

These days I pick up my copy of ‘The Hindu’ from a roadside vendor in Bhandup (Mumbai). Today (February 19), I was late and the vendor told me, he didn’t expect me to reach so late and the two copies of the paper he received had already been sold. He said it was a ‘special issue’ and was priced Rs15/-. Curious, I walked some distance to another vendor who had a copy of the paper left, which I grabbed and paid the value.
The first time I touched and felt ‘The Hindu’ was during late 1950’s when my uncle in Madras gifted a month’s postal subscription for the paper and I started collecting everyday three or four days old paper from the village Post office in the evenings. That induced me to pick up ‘The Hindu Weekly Review” which carried a selection of lead articles and editorials and was primarily meant for readers abroad. Even today, as The Hindu is not as aggressive in improving the outreach as they are in accepting technology or ensuring extensive coverage keeping in view the tastes of every
denomination of readers, one may not be able to pick up a print copy of the paper even in some of the big towns.
Team Hindu deserves congratulations and encouragement in their effort to serve a ‘sadya’ in terms of content and presentation not only through the daily, but all publications coming out from the group.
Long live The Hindu.
M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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