Trump: None will dare challenge US military might

Looks, it was a closely guarded secret. Unemployment situation is really bad in US. It'll be an uphill task spreading decades to make the unemployment dole earners employable. For some more time status quo will have to continue.
M G Warrier

Trump’s daydreams

This refers to the excerpts from US President Trump’s February 17 speech at South Carolina(Business Standard, February 26). Going by the number of applause and their spacing, one is not sure whether the audience had got time to apply their own mind on the implications of Trump’s assertions.
The whole emphasis was on manufacturing airplanes and armaments and there was little emphasis on ‘making in US’ many other things essential for sustaining human life in the country for which America is dependent on outside world. It is comforting to see that the new President has a feel of the acute unemployment situation in the US.
Desire to depend more on domestic workforce need to be supported. But, if US is serious about the proposition, initiatives to up-skill  the existing workers, enabling the education system to produce more professionals in various fields and creating an awareness that the country is on the path of self-reliance in manpower need to follow fast. Speeches can’t produce talent.
A related issue is the need for a change in mindset. The average American feels today that there is nothing on earth the US$ can’t buy. Such a thought process has influenced Trump in believing that military strength and capacity to produce $ by creating insecurity elsewhere can make US prosperous insulated by walls and Visa-bans. Earlier the President wakes up to the realities of an emerging borderless world the better for US and the world.

M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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