Courting justice for the right to education

Courting justice for the right to education: Implementation of RTE Act has suffered due to official apathy. The judiciary has stepped into a governance vacuum...

"A proposal for reform
Going forward, it is hoped that the judiciary continues to play a significant role in enforcing the RTE Act. Courts have frequently had to act as the first port of call, in the absence of proper statutory bodies and grievance redressal mechanisms. However, it is imperative that judicial efforts be supplemented by building awareness and strengthening grievance redressal mechanisms under the RTE Act. This can save litigation costs and diminish barriers to securing rights for parents and their children.
Strategic litigation across High Courts should also be explored, for pushing implementation of the RTE Act by state governments. In 2014, a PIL was filed before the Supreme Court by the National Coalition for Education which pointed out that at least 3.77 crore children between the age of 6 to14 years were not in schools."


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