After UP polls, I don't know what the BJP will do: P Chidambaram

After UP polls, I don't know what the BJP will do: P Chidambaram: Interview with former Finance minister and senior Congress leader...

February 16, 2017
It makes sense listening to PC
This refers to P Chidambaram’s BS interview captioned “After UP polls, I don’t know what the BJP will do” (Business Standard, Q&A, February 16). Advocates are trained to focus on specifics of the ‘case on hand’ and Chidambaram is an eminent advocate. Therefore, every word he spoke on various issues here makes immense sense and BJP and its national leaders would do well to take cognizance and start contemplating on the corrective measures which will make that a national movement reminiscent of Indian National Congress of last century. To recap:
(a)  Initiate steps to improve financial and monetary stability. This may need more incentives to increase private investment and exports. (Congress may come out with more constructive suggestions on this as discussion on Budget 2017-18 progresses).
(b) There is immediate need to encourage private consumption, which has s hown negative growth post-demonetization.(Ideas like Universal Basic Minimum Income, increased minimum wage and an across the board wage/pension increase may help).
(c)  Corruption which has been woven into the fabric of public life need to be factored in as a reality and provided for. PC’s observations about capitation fee, bribes and disbelief in PM’s statement of objectives while announcing ‘demonetization’ on November 8, 2016 can be summed up like this.(This may not be acceptable to India as a long term strategy).
(d) Really concerned about what the BJP will do after UP polls.(Not only BJP, all major political parties fighting elections now face uncertainties)
India is fast passing through a transition. It is comforting to see that veteran politicians like PC and MMS who suddenly found themselves displaced are relocating in an advisory role which is most welcome. BJP should take advantage of their experience and wisdom, as PM Modi has always expressed willingness to listen to elders.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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