The Gita on Yoga Siddhi*

As Krishna explains the stages of yoga that a jivatma has to cross to attain yoga siddhi, Arjuna is diffident about the jivatma’s effort in this path.
First of all, it involves patient practice and rigorous training of the mind, the biggest challenge ever for anyone from a novice to the trained yogi. There are plenty of opportunities to err and fall from the yoga that one has striven to practise. Amid all this constant effort, there looms the possibility of easy disruption to the yoga, just as a cloud gets dragged away from a group and is lost when a strong gust of wind blows.
Will this be the plight of a jivatma who falls from his yogic practice halfway through? Will he not lose what he has gained?
While admitting that the mind is difficult to control and that repeated practice, abhyasa, and renunciation, vairagya, are essential to keep it under check, Krishna reassures one that the jivatma would obtain suitable reward for whatever yoga he has practised, said Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a discourse.
If one desires for life in swarga loka, it will be granted. But soon he will realise the futility of this desire when his term of life in swarga loka expires. He then has to get back to human existence.
Once again he starts his yoga and aspires for something more permanent and gradually will seek the Lord’s feet by His grace. What happens when one is unable to pursue the yoga that he begins, either because of his own failings or because his life comes to an end before he can complete it? Will his efforts go waste, asks Arjuna.
The Lord reassures him that by His Sankalpa, that jivatma will be born in a suitable family where conditions are favoureable for continuing the pursuit of the yoga from his past life.
*Source: Faith, The Hindu, February 24, 2017


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