A vote for reforms

A vote for reforms: The latest State-level polls underscore the popular support for Modi’s developmental and reformist agenda...y

"Equally significant are the implications for the economy and reforms. The results have to be seen as a positive referendum on a drastic policy measure such as demonetisation. The voter trusted the Prime Minister despite having endured hardship and it gives the Government enormous political capital to implement second-generation economic reforms without being wary of their political implications. The rolling out of the GST becomes easier, with the ruling party being able to smother popular fears of the confusion it will create or the anxiety over the price rise that is expected to follow."

People are willing to put up with hardships, as they see a change in outlook. Government should move forward to prove that promises will be kept. This century, patience doesn't have the same shelf life it had during 20th Century.
Online comments:
"The political leadership has to take cognizance of the mood of the nation now. Political families, corporates and the leaders who were under the wrong impression that they had a "following" that will just follow them, need to wake up to the realities. AAP and Kejriwal, BJP and Modi and the informed youth of India who have a stake in the security and development of the country together have told "We the People" that change is possible. Now the political leadership across parties have to readjust the style of functioning. In the process, BJP may have to become amenable to secular thoughts, parties may have to accept democratic way of functioning, political families will have to prove that their members are professionally competent to remain in leadership."

M G Warrier


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