bKanika Datta:/b Situations vacant

bKanika Datta:/b Situations vacant: None of them have the remotest connection with the jobs listed out for my perusal in this mail...


"Hi Kanika, Looking for a Job Change? The pssst! nature of the subject-line is irresistible. Who among the wide variety of people registered on this cool and happening social media network called LinkedIn was offering me the overpaid job of my dreams? One click reveals the short answer: No one. Or, at any rate, no one who actually knows me and/or has generously and unilaterally endorsed me for skills they think (and I hope) I possess. You know, editing, reporting, writing — that sort of thing. I am a journalist with a bare minimum university degree, all of which is ..."

My response

Communication gap

Kanika Datta in “Situation vacant” (Business Standard, Eye Culture, March 11) has elegantly portrayed the growing disconnect between the writer and the reader, teacher and the student, everyone in the social media who interacts with the ‘unknown ‘other person’, employer and the employee, master and servant, commandant and the soldiers and so on where ‘meaningful communication’ is relevant in achieving desired results, using LinkedIn as a peg to hang her  hat!
The debate the short article throws open is relevant in several other contexts also where technology is being brought in to replace brains and hands. We are talking about driverless cars and doctorless surgeries. While lamenting about the adverse impact of even abuse of science is not fashionable, we, who spent major portion of our lives in 20th Century feel some heaviness in our chests when we find science and technology offering Apps and cookies or robots and algorithms capable of taking over the traditional functions of human hands and brains. Of course, some software installed in a computer in a super-specialty hospital in some corner of the world is waiting for a soft touch on our android screens to handle our chest pain too.

M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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