Message from UP

Message from UP
Apropos “With Yogi as CM, Muslims Happiest” (Economic Times, March 21), though it might be just the perception of the leader of a party which has reason to rejoice, the professional management of post-election scenario by BJP leadership deserve appreciation. Trying out a non-corrupt young outsider (Yogi is not an elected MLA) who is yet to be ‘tested’ for his obedience to higher levels of power in party and government to head the government of the largest state is in itself an experiment with several unknowns.
The balancing act with two Deputy CMs and a Muslim minister in the ministry should be seen in the right perspective. BJP is trying to shape its image consistent with the growing popularity and acceptability.
Earlier the other players in the political arena readjust their looking glasses, the better for them as they will get more time to prepare for the 2019 elections on real issues of governance rather than using the religion against BJP. Other than Muslim League, all political parties will naturally have majority Hindu membership in India. Wiser counsel should prevail in non-BJP political parties to focus on the neglect of the Preamble and Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the Constitution by those who are in charge of governance rather than blindly playing the communal card.


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