The old faithful

The old faithful: Is the duration of stay the only parameter that separates visitors and residents?...

"Was it silly of me to feel so lonely in the midst of all this perfection? I’d been too long looking after people to know what to do with myself all alone.
I had all the time in the world to experience both the astonishing beauty of Scotland and the inward, emptying sensation of not knowing why I was there or what I was doing.
I defaulted to what I knew to do: I read a lot. I walked, though not as much as I could have done. I was free to spend all day, every day, out under a tree or by the lake or anywhere outdoors. Instead, I tried to order my day into working hours and free time, like someone obliged to punch the clock.
I didn’t know what to do with the freedom I was given, so I tended to stay close to what was comfortable and familiar."
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