Assembly Results 2017: A partywise analysis

Assembly Results 2017: A partywise analysis: BJP stays solid, Cong is fluid, AAP brittle, and SP...


"Mr Modi’s real appeal lies in being a politician who has been able to convince enough people that he is trying to change this country for the better. I suspect, people have voted for him since they believe he is trying to do something good, that he is trying to course-correct India’s destiny. People, fed up as they are of all the other options are not in the mood for quibbling over small details about which scheme was implemented well and which wasn’t. The time for that kind of auditing is still some distance away. For the moment, Mr Modi’s appeal is that he is seen by enough people as someone who is not hampered by dynastic nepotism, crony capitalism, faux secularism or even personal ambition. I know there are enough who disagree on each of these counts but the key question is: Do such people agree on other counts? Do they collectively vote for another leader who could challenge Mr Modi? The answer is a resounding ‘no’."


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