Parrikar Interview: The Hindu

The Hindu: Manohar Parrikar Interview

You spent close to two and a half years in South Block in New Delhi. How would you describe your overall experience?
It was a very important portfolio, neglected for 10 years, eight years at least to be precise. I feel that I contributed a lot, but instead of bragging myself, that I did this, I did that, you can take inputs from outside.
What is important is to understand that the Army is a different organisation from civil[ian institutions]. When one chooses a career in the Army you have to realise that life is rigorous and tough. You are selecting a tougher career. If the police tell me we don’t want to fire, exempt me from that, can it be done?
Take the issue of grievances raised by the BSF on social media. People and the media have to understand that they do not come directly under the Army, but the Ministry of Home Affairs. Still we took cognisance and acted.
I have no issues with Army or BSF personnel expressing their grievances, but considering their discipline, I feel their using social media to vent their grievances may spell costly for the country vis-à-vis discipline.
I am definitely in favour of addressing their grievances, but there should be a different mechanism worked out. My objection is the way that they are being presented. Social media cannot be part of grievance redressal.


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