Bank merger: Dr Yerram Raju in Moneylife

Posted online comments:
I am not sure what exactly this article is aiming at. Reorganization and restructuring of the banking system should not be put on hold anymore. We never needed this many public sector banks post-nationalisation. For political and bureaucratic reasons reorganization (call it merger/closure/amalgamation) was put on hold and the blame was transferred to “objections from trade unions/employees. Reports indicate that SBI-Associates merger has been successful and benefits will be visible within a couple of years. Merger is not about reducing business or geographical spread. It is about better use of resources, professionalization and provision of better services by using surplus manpower and other resources to unbanked/under-banked  have areas. RRBs too have experimented with mergers and from 196, their number today has come down to two digits, with no reduction in total business.
M G Warrier 


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