Together, but apart... : Open Page, The Hindu
“Stemming from stress
Yet, when they met at the end of the day the stress of the outgoing and the home-bound expressed itself in impatience and irritability with each other for things of small or no importance.
Of course each regretted it later and promised herself to be more patient and understanding the next time around. But the decision taken in quiet solitude didn’t always work.
Till one day the younger one hit upon a perfect solution. ‘Listen’, she said, ‘Now on, the one who is rude first will be fined Rs. 100.’ Both agreed.

Soon a slip appeared on the refrigerator door, stuck with a starfish-shaped magnet, with their respective names. It seems to be working well. Now when one was rude the other noted down the amount of the fine. Irritability turned into amusement and laughter blew away the unwanted traces of unpleasantness. It was astonishing how amusing life could become, if one exercised a little ingenuity.”


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