July 19, 2017
Celebrity ambassadors
Celebrities in various walks of life get nominated to Parliament. Sportspersons who do well in their profession get recruited to various positions in government, statutory bodies, PSUs and sometimes corporates. Beyond recognizing individual contribution to public life or sports, there is no evidence to show that such assignments bring any benefits to the Parliament in which they get represented or organizations which recruit these individuals on their rolls.
At some stage media or the HRMD of organizations come out with analyses of the attendance or contribution by these ‘nominees’. Clearly, there is a gap between the expectations from these MPs and employees who, from the viewpoint of their colleagues get ‘out of turn’ entry to positions which are occupied by persons who come through ‘normal channels’ of election/recruitment. The philosophy of recognizing eminence or promoting sports in national interest do not help to counter the arithmetic about ‘contribution and attendance’.
Being more transparent about selection and assignment of roles relevant to the positions assigned may minimize criticism from various quarters. It is common knowledge that celebrities/sportspersons will not be able to be in the house/office continuously, as their priorities are linked to their professions. But, to serve the purpose of their being part of Parliament/organizations, at the time of ‘induction’ they should be given orientation making them ‘ambassadors’ of the causes for which the nation/employers stand. Such induction programs should be followed up with periodical refresher seminars which should be addressed by experts in various fields and trainers of repute.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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