Accept Rahul's challenge

April 11, 2019
Accept Rahul’s challenge

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s tweet which reads “Dear PM, Scared of debating me on corruption? Let’s go open book, so you can prepare: 1. RAFALE + Anil Ambani, 2. Nirav Modi, 3. Amit Shah + Demonetization, 3. Amit Shah + Demonetization,” has received fairly good media coverage.
In all fairness, NDA should not avoid meeting face to face the present leader of the largest political party in opposition in Parliament. For the purpose, there is no need to waste PM’s time, as PM and Rahul Gandhi had long enough interaction when the latter moved a No-Confidence Motion not so long ago in Parliament which was telecast by electronic media worldwide. Moreover, whatever the future holds, for now Gandhi is leading a party which has less than 10 percent representation in Lok Sabha.
NDA should nominate a person who will be able to debate on the issues suggested by Gandhi at a mutually agreed venue. If permissible under the Election Commission’s Code of Conduct, the debate may be telecast by Door Darshan and broadcast by AIR which would enlighten the voters who in turn can take an informed decision.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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