Athithi Devo Bhava: Spreading positive messages

The guest as god, no less - Athithi Devo Bhava
The writer remembers several pleasant experiences in life and tells us in this piece. By cultivating the art of remembering good experiences in life, one can reduce the burden of negativity, which is in self-interest. Let's make effort. This article was written sometime during 2017 when the author was 84 years old. I'm sure, some of the readers will try to remember similar experiences and the multiplier effect on positive thinking will be much more than what the writer himself would have imagined while writing this article. When you share your thoughts, they get further shared. One can opt to spread positive thoughts or negative ones. Rate of return on investment is much higher for negative thoughts. 
The life's business decision will decide one's balance sheet.
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M G Warrier


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