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Of late, celebrities of 20th and current century are being misquoted in the social media, sometimes attributing statements to them, which were irrelevant for them during their lifetime. Karl Marx and E Sreedharan are the latest victims of the games trawlers play.
M G Warrier

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"Tony Stark Made This in a Cave! With Scraps!" 

To quote the Britannica, "From 1850 to 1864 Marx lived in material misery and spiritual pain, often subsisting on bread and potatoes."

At the same time, from 1851 to 1862, Marx contributed close to 500 articles and editorials. A few years after that he would write Das Kapital.

Stories like this, about the power of ideas over circumstances, are often used as primers to young writers.

So if you have a good idea, you can write a great deal, no matter what the situation!

Well yes. But no. 

While the above Marx anecdote is among my favourites, there were other factors involved in Marx pulling off his Magnum Opus.

Here is a quick gander at his life from 1835 to 1850 -

University (age 17), wrote a novel (age 19), lost his father (age 20), got his PhD (age 23), became a journalist (age 24), invented a new political economic theory - Scientific Socialism (age 27), published The Poverty of Philosophy (age 29), published The Communist Manifesto and started a newspaper (age 30) - before finally fleeing to London in 1849 (age 31).

He wasn't a 20-something with headphones and a MacBook Air in a  cafĂ©, wondering whether 'Das Kapital' could be written before the weekend.

The point is, at the top of a mountain the view is spectacular - whether you are sitting on a boulder, or in a cafe.

The trick is to get up the mountain in the first place.

And what is the 'mountain' for budding writers? Reading, of course.

It is crucial for young writers to know that entire worlds, filled with interesting characters and breath-taking locations, can be created in their minds. They have to fully accept that a grand tale can be told anywhere, about anything, at any time.

Bill Bryson, according to me, is one of the great writers of our generation. Peppered endlessly with dry wit and sarcasm, his musings mostly reflect whatever comes to his head as he meanders through various landscapes. 'A Walk in The Woods' is a testament to this.

But he has also written one of the most accessible science books today, the monumental 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' - with the same casual style and plenty of humour.

You would never know the two books were by the same man - unless you read both. Such diversity is critical - not just in genre and style, but also formats.

Neil Gaiman's fantasy 'Sandman' encompasses all of history and time via a graphic novel - a medium most people don't consider 'writing'.

Douglas Adams created the 'Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy', a touchstone of modern culture, episode-by-episode for BBC Radio. It only became a best-selling book later.

If you only ever read the 'good' books or the 'approved' genre, you will certainly know what you 'must' write, and perhaps even write the next great novel. But you will never know what you could have written.

And I leave it to your imagination as to how big a tragedy that would be.

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