Understanding IT

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M G Warrier        

April 12, 2019
Understanding IT

This refers to N Madhavan’s article “IT’s best to leave them alone” (Business Line, April 12). The writer has articulated well the negatives politicization of trade unions in India which has brought down the image of workers’ organizations across sectors and industries (Trades). But abandoning a tool just because it is being abused by some can lead to more problems.
Enlightened managements the world over, including Tatas in India have understood the proactive role which associations of employees with common work culture and identities can play in maintaining healthy employer-employee relationship and smooth and productive functioning of industrial establishments. During 1950’s government establishments like central audit department and private sector organizations encouraged workers’ forums and promoted work culture through arrangements for training ‘worker-teachers’ from among their employees.
The political parties in India (irrespective of the colour of their flags) should own up the responsibility for the bad name trade unions in India earned during the second half of last century. Political parties when not in power disowned responsibility in governance and mobilized workers and students to disrupt governments from functioning. Oppositions in legislatures showed by example that the role of opposition is to oppose the government of the day. Trade unions followed by fighting for their genuine demands by fighting with managements by disrupting work.
There has to be a concerted effort to restore trust and discipline in every walk of life by prioritizing public interest. The chaotic situation in IT industry could be a case study to research how a higher level involvement of groups of employees with common interest in running organizations can do wonders in improving HR management.
M G Warrier, Mumbai
*Not published on April 13


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