Varaha: Best of ten Avataras

CV Subbaraman's comments on "Best of 10 avatars - In praise of Varaha Avatara" (See the link that follows):

"Each scholar and Pauraanik has one's own style of supporting or praising one or the other avataar of Vishnu. He or she renders with effectiveness one's description of the Lord to suit the subject of his or her discourse. While Rama earned the title of Maryaada Purushottama, Krishna is sometimes described as Poorna Purushottama or Yogeshwara.
I do know very little about the Avataarams from Matsya to Varaaha, as these are not subject matters  of stories often said in our day to day life. All these Avataarams were taken by the Lord to only save the humanity and/or the vedic scriptures and therefore to raise any "doubts" about the ability of the Lord as to how He can save us (even from the ocean of samsara) seems to me to be amusing.
But I have during the past decade or so heard about the Varaaha Avataara thanks to the wonderful pieces of songs set by Shri Naraayana Teertha, who has composed the Krishna Leela Tharangam and other famous songs which now form part of the collection of Carnatic Music world. These are great. Shri Naaraayana Teertha though born in Andhra Pradesh, came to Thanjavur and as per the vision he had he followed a boar which vanished at a place called Bhupatirajapuram now known as Varahur or Varagur, derived from the episode that the divine boar disappeared leaving the Teertha to settle down there.  This village seems to be still underdeveloped though there are thousands of devotees of the Varaahamurthy temple there.

C V Subbaraman, Mysuru"
Best of 10 avatars - In praise of Varaha Avatara
Reminded of the game of "Tharka" (Argument based on logic and wisdom) the wise engaged during early 20th Century and before that. 

M G Warrier


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