Welcoming "chuddies" entry @ OED

 From India, in awe - Welcoming "chuddies" @ OED

 From India, in awe : Linguistic recognition by the Empire over which sun never set (once upon a time) takes "chuddies" into the Hall of Fame!

The writer of this article I started noticing when short pieces written by him used to appear quite often as a middler in the undivided "The Indian Express" of Goenka and Pothen Joseph times. 
Then there was a long gap. Writers are no exception from the universal rule: "Out of sight, out of mind!"
Have we not forgotten some of our regular mailers, because they abruptly made (perhaps temporary) exit from our group without being noticed by many?
Few months back I located P M Warrier @ The Hindu Open Page and started reading him again. That's how I accessed this interesting story about the honour given to Indian 'chuddies' by the British in the 72nd year after leaving India, which appears only on the Web.
Enjoy reading
M G Warrier


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