Sambar or Rasam? : Mouth-watering thoughts when others are busy!

What gets your vote in this tight contest?- Some mouth-watering thoughts when you are busy deciding on NOTA and NYAY!

The other day we had lunch at Aryanivas, Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram. Despite having lots of money in all pockets, thanks to pension revision, we preferred to enjoy the non-AC ₹120 (including GST) lunch on the ground floor. 
They serve unlimited lunch with a choice of rice (raw or boiled), pickles, avial, papad, thoran, masala-curry, pulissery, rasam, curd, payasam et al on plantain leaf.
An elderly person (let's call him Swami) takes an occasional round ensuring that the clients get prompt and courteous service on the table. A missing cup of curd or delay in arrival of papad attracts his attention for PCA (Prompt Corrective Action).
After finishing my lunch, I approached Swami. His body language was very receptive, though he couldn't prevent his eye-brows from leaking out a remote expectation of some complaint. I made a brief 'statement of appreciation', which, translated to English would read as under:
"When I came to Trivandrum in 1960's, we had at least half a dozen vegetarian hotels which served good lunch. Like, Trivandrum Hotel, Arya Bhavan, Grand Udupi, Home Links, IRR (Railway Canteen) etc. Now, the only one in Thiruvananthapuram which is trying to preserve the tradition of service and taste is, Athanu as"
Swami just smiled in agreement and said thanQ!
M G Warrier


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