Weddings, then and now: 20th Century Brahmin Weddings

Whirlwind visit to a wedding reception- Join Raghavan for the modern wedding and share the nostalgic memories of 20th Century Weddings!
This piece brought back the memories of a Namboodiri wedding I attended during 1960's.
Bridegroom  Narayanan Namboothiri who is six months older than me is the present 'Head of the family' at my father's Illam (Kannamkulam Illam in Payyanur, Kerala). His son Sankaran Nampoothiri is now heading the Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala Hospital somewhere in Himachal Pradesh.
Narayanettan is my father's eldest brother's grandson.
The Veli (wedding is "VELI" for nampoothiris) had almost all the rituals carried out over three days described in this article except perhaps distribution of idli packets to guests. The sumptuous dinner and lunches were matched perhaps only by the lunch on the 12th day of my father's death (July 21, 1979) My father died on July 10, 1979 in Thiruvananthapuram while he was staying with us and the body was carried in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation's Ambulance (in which we and two friends including G S Iyer-settled now in Thiruvananthapuram- also travelled 600 km to Payyanur which journey took 24 hours) to Payyanur as the last rites were to be performed by Narayanettan and others.
This is the problem with old age, you start talking unconnected things and go on and on till the other half (better, maybe!) or someone else called you to open a bottle (Nallasivan, I can see your eyebrows moving up, yesterday we had been to the local Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala agency and brought some medicines)

M G Warrier


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