On saving a life from predators

CV Subbaraman, Mysuru comments:

A noble job attempted by the good Samaritan. But can we prevent the order of Nature? I try to save some small black bugs, so far found to be harmless, while sweeping my flat. I take them with my two fingers and throw them out of the window, instead of killing them or drowning them in the toilet or wash basin. Same with some odd flying household cockroaches rarely visiting us. Members of my family are terribly scared of cockroaches. I have seen many just tapping them with chappals and sending them to the divine land. But I take them in my hand and throw them outside the window. Let them not be killed within my flat, what and how they suffer at the hands or claws of other beings is not my concern, so long as I do not deliberately feed some predators with these small creatures. 
Then those days remain good. And hopefully, today is also good for all of us.

Subject: Saving a bird from the jaws of death- About a human instinct which is becoming extinct!

If you are busy with the world's biggest festival with 80 crore humans participation, don't waste time opening this link. You don't have anything to lose. Just a chick has lost two feathers.

M G Warrier


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