Work is Worship: In Indan Banks

A message dedicated to all silent workers

Kind Attention: Chairman, Indian Banks Association
Dear Sir
The link in the trailing mail will open to a short article published in The New Indian Express today.
Please see the comments from Shri C V Subbaraman, Former Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad.
I'm sure, IBA will share the message with banks in an appropriate manner.
Best regards
Yours sincerely
M G Warrier

AS this article appeared in a national newspaper, it would have been certainly picked up by Indian Banks Association. even then, I think it is worthwhile forwarding it to IBA with a commendation and hope that the bank which helped is an Indian bank and that too a PSU one. There is a message in this article: it can help an ordinary individual to come up in life, with a hope that will be fulfilled if the Bank Manager is practical. But borrower has to be "responsible". If he is there will be many more good Samaritan bankers


Subject: Fwd: How banks helped a common man- Dedicated to all silent workers who keep the world going...

This is a simple anecdotal story in which one may not find anything extraordinary. 
I'm sharing for the message it conveys.
M G Warrier



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