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An 80 year old lady meets Lord Krishna Those who can't follow Tamil may please mute the voice, still easy to follow, I think. Collage depends on its readers for its contents. Daily themes are not pre-decided. Readers include all age groups, several professions and senior citizens. Readers are encouraged to share Collage with like-minded people and if comfortable, share the feedback, for the benefit of other readers. Collage will focus on Independence Day on August 15, 2020 and take a holiday on Sunday, August 16, 2020. M G Warrier Warrier's Collage 14082020 : Seniors' Community Living A Interaction 1) V T Panchapagesan, Ex-RBI, Chennai "In today’s mundane world one has to understand very Basic fundamental thing with good ethics and character To proceed further towards learning. I have to respect and you have to reciprocate, creating Harmony to begin with.. Then only we can discuss very many things on various topics. Hinduism imparts highest philosophy which in turn has become a very big question mark now due to various factors... We mix up very many things getting confused as each one Is pulling us in different direction. Result is as we all know . This is the ground reality.. Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan" (Thanks This tries to answer the "confusion" mentioned by R Jayakumar yesterday -Collage) 2) R Jayakumar " Generation Gap: First the story. Yesterday I went to my bank's branch after a gap of five months. I had to handover a matured RD book for closure and credit to my account. There was a long queue out side the bank's door with a guard standing near it. I knew I had no strength to stand in the queue for a long time. I approached the security guard and told him that I am already 70 years old and it is difficult for me to stand for long. He said nothing doing all must come in queue. Rule is when one person comes out of the door one from the queue will enter. I told him I had only one minute job inside, and also explained him the recent RBI press release regarding service to the senior citizens. No chance, stand in the queue. I felt defeated and stood near the door for some times looking at the persons entering the bank as their turn came and also at the guard with some hope. Soon when I thought it was better to return home, the person whose turn was to enter told me, 'Uncle you please go now'. I looked at the faces of others in the queue. Many were with grey hairs. But all the faces seemed to be telling me, 'Yes, you go'. I came out in less than a minute finishing my work. The point is that the guard with a strict rule and the customer with a compassionate heart both appeared to be in their youth and there was a gap in their attitude. The Warrier's blog generally speaks about the generation gap that exists within the joint or extended families, which are slowly vanishing. The Guardian article, among other things, speaks about the generation gap existing in the news room or media and how it influence the reporting of news in different ways. My understanding is that the youth always like to follow other successful youth as their role models and not the successful older persons. When I was studying in the school and then in the college there were teachers and lecturers, both young and old. But today I can recall to mind only the maths and science teachers who were fresh out of college and the English professors who came in tight denim pants and high heal shoes to college. Both old and new taught well but the teachings and the style of an younger teacher impacted more. That is one way how the generation gap gets developed. R Jayakumar" ( Thanks. Generation Gap is understood differently by different people depending on the context. Collage is trying to provoke thoughts on different subjects, so that someone somewhere may carry the torch forward and continue the search for right answers/solutions- Warrier) B Elders' Community 1) Senior Community Living : Concept C Retirement Planning 1) Some questions you have to answer These tips are modelled in the Australian context. But will help us factor in the relevant issues. 2) Where to settle down? D Blogs and Links 1) M G Warrier Scouting for a care home? 2) Livelihood issues Handlooms Posted online comments. 3) Leisure It was not another day! E Readers Write "Samasyaa pooranam"* V Babusenan In common belief, poetic prowess and womanizing tendency go hand in hand. There may not be much truth in it, but, in Kalidasa's case, the proclivity is unfortunately, to believe it. The only exception within my limited knowledge is the Jnanapeetam winner Malayalam poet, the late O N V Kurup. In his beautiful long poem 'Ujjayini' he had treated the great poet as having no such blemish and devoted to only one woman whom the king had made an inmate of his own harem. Let us, for the time being, forget ONV and join the majority. Kalidasa's life in Ujjain was not a bed of roses despite his being held in high esteem by the king. When it became too hot for him, he thought of visiting Ceylon(the present Sri Lanka) then ruled by his close friend Kumaradasa. He expressed his wish to the latter but made the mistake of reaching Ceylon without informing him. It was late when he reached the capital and he found accommodation in the mansion of the most famous hostess of the city. The lady was very hospitable to him although she did not know who he was. Being in totally unfamiliar surroundings, Kalidasa didn't get sleep. Late in the night, he was walking to and fro on the veranda when he saw light in a room. The door was half open and he saw his hostess sitting on a chair deeply immersed in thought. He entered the room and asked her why she was sitting awake very late in the night. She said: "I was trying to fill up a samasya." "Oh, samasya is here too." He interjected. "Our king Kumaradasa is a votary of samasya," she said : "He often holds samasya sessions and gives away quite attractive prizes. This time the prize is an enormous sum and the prize-winner will have the honour of receiving it from none other than the great Kalidasa himself. Our king is a close friend of Kalidasa. Tomorrow is the last date of submission of the completed samasya and I am sitting here racking my brains." "May I try to help you? Two brains are always better than one. What is the line?" "There are two lines, Sir: Kusume kusumolppatthi Srooyathe na cha drisyathe (Flowers forming inside flowers! It is unheard of, unseen) That is botanically impossible, Sir. How can anyone make a poem out of it then?" "Madam, please write these two lines above them: Baale thava mukhaambhoje Kadham indeevara dwayam? (Dear girl, your face is a veritable lotus. How on it can there be two blue lotus flowers?) "Really wonderful, Sir. There can't be a better pooranam". She fell at his feet. He raised her up. "May I use this ,Sir?" "Why not?" She folded her hands in supplication. Suddenly a fear struck her. Later he might claim. "Sir, have a nice cup of hot milk before you retire." He was nicely poisoned. Kumaradasa, at one glance, recognized the hand behind the pooranam. But it was too late." *Completing a riddle, usually the last line in a four-liner. F Spirituality C-Fear Psychosis* Osho on pandemics. So true and equally comforting. Must read! "How do I avoid pandemic?" This question was asked to OSHO about 40 years ago during the AIDS period! ′′ You're asking the wrong question Osho replied, ′′ the right question should be: ′′ How to avoid the fear of dying caused by the epidemic (pandemic)?" Because it is very easy to avoid the virus, it is very difficult to avoid the fear in you and in the world. People will die more from this fear than from the epidemic (pandemic). There is NO virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR. Understand this fear, otherwise you will become a dead body before your body dies. It has nothing to do with the virus. The scary atmosphere you feel in these moments is collective madness... It has happened a thousand times and will continue to happen. And it will continue if you don't understand the psychology of crowds and fear. You usually keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely lost. You won't even know when you lost control of your fear. Then fear can make you do anything. In such a situation you can also take your own life or the lives of others. So much will happen in the coming times: Many people will kill themselves and many people will kill more. Attention, be mindful. Don't watch news that trigger fear. Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing over and over again is like self-hypnosis. Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis. This idea will cause chemical changes in the body. If you repeat the same idea over and over again, a chemical change is triggered that can sometimes be so toxic that it can kill you. During an epidemic, energy around the world becomes irrational. This way you can fall into a black hole anytime. Meditation then becomes a protective aura into which no negative energy can penetrate. (Osho) *Adapted from a forward received from Shri Narvekar, Mumbai.


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