Warrier's Collage 27082020 : Human Behaviour

Warrier's Collage 27082020 : Human Behaviour Understanding Sanskrit Language https://youtu.be/AmUJLx47ZDg Listen to this short presentation, when free. Good Morning Don't miss Babusenan's article on Krishnagadha and Shyamala Mohan's write-up "Unique Kerala" included under C Readers Write. Jayakumar's response to a link included in the Collage of August 25 is at C3. See D2 : A 70 day bus tour of 18 countries in 2021. M G Warrier Thrivikrama Tathwam V T Panchapagesan "Mahabali is one of the seven Chiranjeevis as we all know. There are three Gunas which we know. Tamas, Rajas and Satwic. Mahabali belongs to Rajas which means more Rajas less Satwic. Vamana was a dwarf by nature having three Gunas, balanced. He is the Omnipresent supreme... Existence-knowledge-bliss. Sat-chit-ananda.....God, etc.... Mahabhali ,an Asura is an exception. God wanted to test him bringing out his three Gunas which are very well balanced.......making him ever living in our midst ... In other words, the body, mind, intellect are instruments through which the Atman, the Spirit expresses itself. We can realize our true nature only when we break identification with these instruments. Lord tested him bringing out the brilliance of his radiant Real Self which he readily gave, purgation of his ego without hesitation. He is symbolic to the Real Immortal self within, Chiraneejivi living and blessing us annually coming during Onam Festival. This year Thiruvonam is on Monday, the 31st August 2020. We decorate and greet him offering flowers in various ways.👌🙏😀 Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan" (Thank you - Collage) A Interaction K Ramasubramanian " Interesting message on numbers. Numbers have attracted Indians since long. Even the numerals now referred to as Arabian numeral is of Indian origin. Besides these two great Indians, Sakuntaladevi and Ramanujan, there are several unsung heroes. We recognize people more often posthumously. Thank you shri V. Babusenan for taking us through the numbers." AA Introduction to Human Behaviour https://youtu.be/FEr2bRQ3J8A IIT Guwahati has a distance education program. If interested, open this link. B Human Behaviour 1) Why we behave the way we behave ? https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/onceignorance/how-we-behave-in-the-way-we-behave-24939/ A student's views on Human Behaviour 2) Research on human behaviour https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/theory-knowledge/201901/3-ways-explain-human-behavior A deeper understanding. A scholar's analysis. 3) Read only if you need https://www.verywellmind.com/depression-can-be-a-real-pain-1065455 Avoid reading, if not comfortable with the subject (Psychology) 4) Change mindset https://www.speakingtree.in/article/change-your-mindset We can try this. C Readers Write 1) V Babusenan Krishna Gatha "It will not be a small pleasure for a student of Malayalam literature to know that grand Sanskrit, elegant Malayalam and simple Malayalam co-existed in a certain area in Malabar towards the end of the 16th century and represented by such stalwarts as Melputhur Narayana Bhattathiri,Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhutthassan and Poonthanam Namboodiri (name not known) in the respective order. He will be delighted to know, however, that in the previous century, there was a book of poems by name Krishnagadha, a comprehensive biography of Lord Krishna, on the lines of the Sanskrit epic Sreemad Bhagavatham, in sweet and simple Malayalam -simpler than Poonthanam's Jnanappana. It was the first Mahaakavya in Malayalam, composed in one metre from beginning to end. It contains beautiful and vivid descriptions of the pranks of the child Krishna as well as the onset of the seasons. The rainy season in Ambaadi, where the child Krishna grows up, begins like this: "Cheerthulla meghathin Chaarthu parannappol Maarthaanda bimbam Maranhju poyi " (When the thick clouds spread on the sky, the sun disappeared) There is rhyme and alliteration balance in these lines which is maintained throughout. That is the special feature of Krishnagadha. Nowhere else one will find the bond between a mother and child so movingly described as in this book. Krishnagadha was born in the small state of Kolatthiri Nadu (The present Kannur district) ruled by the Mooshaka kings. It was written by a marvellously gifted Namboodiri said to belong to one Cherussery Illam in Vadakara*. (This is still a matter of dispute). Cherussery was the court poet of King Udaya Varma (1446-1475) and a personal friend. It was at the behest of the King that the Kavya was written: "Aajnayaa Kolabhoopasya Prajnasya Udaya Varmanaa Krithaayaam Krishnagadhaayaam" (This book Krishnagadha has been written as per the order of the wise king Udaya Varma) In the use of simile, Cherusseri can be regarded almost close to Kalidasa. This figure of speech is plenty in Krishna gadha. As regards satire and generalisation, Cherusseri is the fore-runner of Kunchan Nambiar by three centuries. In a particular context, he said: Saamanyanaayoru Vairi varum neram Vaamananmaar thangalil Chernnoo jnaayam (When a common enemy comes, those who oppose each other join together) This is exactly what our political parties unsuccessfully practice. There is a legend attached to the birth of Krishnagadha: The king and his court poet were playing chathurangam and the queen was watching. She was at the same time rocking the cradle. At a particular stage of play, the king was about to lose. The queen saw that and she deftly suggested his next move through a lullaby: Unthu unthu unthu unthu Aaley unthu (Push the pawn forward) He did it and won the game. Then he expressed a desire that Lord Krishna's story be written in this metre.It is a very popular metre in Malayalam known as 'Manjari'. Some jealous Namboodiri told Cherusseri that there was nothing to chew in his "Erisseri" (a pumpkin preparation which is a favorite in all sadyas) What he meant was that Krishnagadha had no substance. Cherussery's reply was very pertinent: "You will find, if you stir it." (*Various websites indicate that Cherussery was born in a village in the present Kannur District. Vadakara -my birthplace- is in old Kadathanad in the present Kozhikode District- Warrier) 2) Shyamala Mohan Unique Kerala " There are 108 Durgalayas and 108 Shivalayas, where pratishta was by Parashuram. And the puja vidhi by Jagadguru Adi Shankara. There are so many ancient special TEMPLES across Kerala. Every 1km you can see 3 or 4 ancient temples where pujas are performed in high purity. These pujas purify the entire Kerala, And the high spiritual energy vibes spreads to all over the world. Guruvayoor pratishta by Guru&Vayu. The vigraha itself came from Mahavishnu. Kottiyooru Shivakshetra is the place where Dakshayaga happened. Thirunelli temple pratishta is by Lord Brahma. Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Shri Narayana Guru, Chinmay Ananda Swamikal, Amma.. such Shreshta Gurus' ever-existing presence... Valmiki wrote Ramayanam sitting at Pulppalli, Wayanad. Land of Bhakta kavis Poonthaanam, Melpattur, Thunjathezhuthachan, kumaaranaashaan, Kalidas etc The exclusive spiritual art forms Kathakali, koodiyaattam, Krishna tam, ottamthullalu, theyyam etc Land of pooram and Aarattu. https://youtu.be/eKHkHDrI2mg In Arattupuzha Pooram, it is said Thrimurthus come and all Rishis, Munis from all over India, all Devas and Devathas from all temples in India present during Arattupuzha Arattu. https://youtu.be/42S4IQ5EXSA Land of coconut, banana and rice which is naivedya for most of dieties. Considered auspicious for all occasions. All temples decorated with full of til oil lamps which emits divine light and purify the ambiance. Simplest offwhite graceful traditional dress which express wisdom and divinity and satwic gun in one. On top, enchanting natural beauty of rain forests, western ghats, white sand beaches, rivers, ponds in each and every temple premises..Water bodies' presence is very divine. Panchamahabhuta presence as water is life. All these make Kerala "The God's Own Country"" (Two YouTube Links added by Collage) 3) R Jayakumar Loneliness and Depression during the Pandemic.. "The article forwarded emphasises that being lonely can be a major cause of depression during the pandemic. And they need help. It may not be so. Those who live a lonely life have always lived alone and the lockdown or isolation is not making any difference to them. They have adjusted to living alone before and will do so now. Those who suffered depression before will continue to be depressed as before. It is the people who live with others in families develop depression and fear now. The pandemic experience is not new to the people in Mumbai. I remember that in the 1990s there was Surat Plague caused by rats. There were many deaths in Surat due to the plague. Many people from Surat migrated temporarily to Mumbai bringing fear in the city. I had experienced what is depression at that time. During my morning walk I had seen people burning dead rats on the streets with their faces covered with masks. When I went out I was careful not to step on any dead rat. Antibiotics went out of stock in the medical shops. I consulted my doctor and bought a few antibiotics and stored at home. Even RBI dispensaries stocked a particular antibiotic in large numbers to meet any emergency. Am I positive and cheerful now? I doubt. There is reason for me to feel depressed though I am not at all alone. The pandemic is deadly for people with multiple pre existing diseases like me. Private hospitals see 40% of patients dying while in Government Hospitals it is only 5%. All those with insurance will prefer private hospitals where there is no guarantee. Some news coming during this lockdown are difficult to accept. The Parish Priest of our local church who valiantly conducted the funnel services of those who died during this pandemic himself died last week of heart attack. I couldn't come out of depression for three days. I tell* all my contacts not to forward messages like some doctors appearing on screen and telling how dangerous the Covid is or a recovered patient appearing and narrating how horrible it is to hospitalized for Covid. Being in the family I couldn't control getting depressed today as I am typing this response because this was the third time I retyped the message. First time when I was about to complete it my granddaughter came and pulled the phone so hard from my hand that the message got deleted. As I was typing it second time my daughter's phone came from States and in a hurry to accept it I forgot to save the draft. Who is depressed, the one living lonely or the one living in togetherness!" ( *You can tell. But my experience is, each individual is different. My inbox, I have to manage. Merciless use of delete option and selective opening of mails/messages may help-Warrier) D Blogs and Links 1) Evolution of communication https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/life-in-the-post-industrial-world-9170/ This is what I wrote last year. 2) 70 Days World Tour https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/travel-news/delhi-to-londonworlds-longest-bus-voyage-to-start-in-2021/as77701943.cms


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