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A "TACT" Vathsala Jayaraman There is a small story in Mahabharata as told by Bhishma to Dharmaputra. There was a wild cat and a rat. The rat was inside a hole and the cat was just waiting outside. The cat was tired of waiting. When he started moving, he was caught in a hunter's net and began to struggle. As the rat saw the plight of the cat, it became confident and wanted to escape; but unfortunately an owl was fast approaching the rat. The rat immediately entered the net in which the cat was entangled and came to an agreement. "If you save me now, I shall go out after sometime, cut the net and release you." The cat also agreed. Both were chitchatting for sometime. The cat thought "If I eat the rat now, the hunter will come and catch me. So let me wait for some time." The hunter was slowly moving towards the net. The rat went round and slightly cut small bits of net. The cat got restless and urged the rat to hurry up. The rat said "I shall definitely honour my commitment, but can't tell the time. "The rat cut a little, started doing pradakshinas around the net, cut some more, went round and round. When the hunter came very close, the rat cut the last strand. The cat had just enough time to escape, could not think of attacking the rat. The rat too went into the hole. Seeing all these things, the daughter rat asked, " Dear Mummy, why did you cut the net so slowly?" The rat replied, "I am not stupid. Had I cut the net, I would have been swallowed by the cat. You have to honour your commitment. You have to help even your enemy. Be sure that the enemy will never change for good. You have to be close to the enemy, but also keep a distance. Dealing with tactfulness is more important than intelligence". Vyasa teaches the lesson to the humanity through the mouth of Bhishma , simultaneously justifying all the tactful actions of Lord Krishna resulting in the death of Drona, Jarasandha and Duryodhana and even sending Bhishma to the bed of arrows by a single sentence. This small story has become a narrative in all the Management studies, hailing Lord Krishna as the best Crisis Management expert. Knowledge takes a second place yielding the preliminary slot to 'TACT" while dealing with conflicts. *Received via group email from Vathsala Jayaraman, Chennai B Leisure Rare Theyyam Rituals, Kerala C D Books by M G Warrier The book "India's Decade of Reforms" by M G Warrier was published by Notion Press, Chennai in 2018. Available in 3 formats (eBook, Paperback and HC) with the Publisher and major online outlets like Amazon, Flipkart etc Access this link to read the first few pages. The same publisher, namely the Notion Press, Chennai is publishing Warrier's third book with focus on RBI and Monetary Policy in October 2020. This will be a "Companion Volume" of "India's Decade of Reforms". Anytime you buy any book from Amazon, after reading, please spare a few minutes to post a few lines as "Online Review". Positive, nutral or negative. (Only those who buy articles from Amazon can post reviews.) This will help Amazon and the author of the book.


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