India's Defence Forces : Warrier's Collage 24092020

Please share the Notion Press link at D2 with a) Those who are preparing for competitive exams, b) Book lovers and c) Your friends and family groups. Posted by : M G Warrier Warrier's Collage 24092020 : India's Defence Forces A India's Defence Forces 1) Republic Day 2020 Salute the Defence Forces. 2) Fact Sheet A Slide Show 3) Rank and File Ranks and heirarchy 4) India's Defence Preparedness India's Defence Forces are getting the attention they deserve. 5) NCC : National Cadet Corps Photo Show AA Current Affairs 1) GDP Growth Let's listen. Arvind Panagariya's views. 2) Anjali Krishnan, Mumbai Mergers and Acquisitions Tax implications B Readers' Contribution V Babusenan Tell this to the Marines! During the Second World War, the Nazis caught, as prisoner, one popular American writer.They wanted him to tell his country ,over the radio ,that there was every evidence that the German war machinery was invincible.He obeyed and added at the end:"Tell this to the army,tell this to the navy,tell this to the marines." Americans understood.The Nazis were happy. What he actually wanted to convey was in the last sentence :"Tell this to the marines".It is an English idiom meaning " Don't believe what I say."The original full idiom was"Tell it to the marines,because the navy won't believe it."(not that pleasing to the marines as they are treated as gullible.)" M G Warrier : Reconnecting with the world outside Lockdown Pastime. Please read SS Srinivasan's interesting online comments and my response. C Blogs and Links 1) Dilemma Thoughts well expressed. Posted online comments. 2) Books by M G Warrier This book was published in 2018. Available in 3 formats (eBook, Paperback and HC) at major online outlets like Amazon, Flipkart etc Access this link to read first few pages. Notion Press will be publishing Warrier's third book on Banking and Finance in October 2020. This will be a "Companion Volume" of "India's Decade of Reforms" published in 2018.


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