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Posted by: M G Warrier https://youtu.be/c-QfG6hwRf4 Watch Desert Safari, Dubai Warrier's Collage 16092020 : Oceans and Deserts A Interaction 1) K Ramasubramanian, Mumbai "Excellent depiction by Babusenan. Even in TN the schools do not have such details in the syllabus. There is more about first Panipet, second Panipet, Akbar, Babar, Robert Clive etc stuff. Indian history cannot only be a story of slavery, with no credit for global conquest of the Cholas and the other kings who fought against all invasion The literature, like those of Sangam period, reveal the great culture and traditions of Mother India. Syllabus of Macaulay should be discarded and replaced by pure Indiian dominance to make every citizen of India feel very proud." 2) C V Subbaraman, Mysuru " K S Iyer should be complimented for the 'Ten Steps to Real Happiness'. After reading them carefully, I strongly feel that most of us will remain unhappy as ever! The achievement of a few commandments, leave alone a hundred per cent score, is extremely difficult. Those who try to say unto themselves that they have achieved all the commandments and are "happy" are perhaps deluding themselves. The only way to happiness is to become a Gnaani. I crave for pardon from K S I." (I remembered the Amul ad of yesteryears : "Mother's milk is the best. Next is Amul". While pursuing the path towards the ultimate "Gnaanam", let's remember some of these thoughts also-Warrier) AA Current Affairs Viral Acharya https://m.economictimes.com/industry/banking/finance/banking/extend-credit-in-sachets-to-help-overcome-recapitalisation-challenge-viral-acharya-to-psbs/articleshow/78012470.cms B Oceans and Deserts 1) 5 Oceans of the world https://earthhow.com/5-oceans/ 2) What lives deep under? https://www.readersdigest.co.uk/inspire/animals-pets/what-lies-beneath-7-wonders-of-the-deep-sea 3) 12 Major Deserts of the world https://travel.earth/most-famous-deserts-around-the-world/ C Readers Write 1) V Babusenan Safe Custody "PM, I am leaving this evening for Geneva for the International Labour Conference," said the Labour Minister, who was a personal friend too of the Prime Minister. "Wait a little" said the PM "Hope you aren't in a hurry. I have sought clarification from my advisors on some financial and educational matters. You know Prof.Gupta and Dr.Kuppuswami. They must be waiting outside." "Yes, I know both of them. In fact, I have seen them waiting. I'm not in a hurry. I shall wait." Replied the Minister. The PM rang the bell and asked for Prof.Gupta who came, furnished the clarification and left. Dr.Kuppuswami also did the same. PM now turned to his friend. "I know about your trip. Enjoy yourself. When will you be back?" "This Thursday. But I have one personal request. Here is some money. I took help in hard cash from a friend during the election and he wanted it back in the same manner. I promised to return it on coming Friday. I can't entrust the money to Meena who is always in need of it. If you don't mind.." "OK, OK. What all things have I to do?" said the P.M smilingly. "Leave the packet here. Wish you a happy journey both ways." On the next Friday, the Minister called on the P.M and reported about his Geneva visit in detail. The latter listened carefully and said: "I am happy that you have held aloft our enlightened labour policy. Anything else?" "Thank you. The packet I gave..." "Which packet?" The P.M expressed surprise. "Did you give me any packet to keep?" The Minister thought that the PM's forgetfulness was because of pressure of work. He explained. The PM refused to accept what he said. He asked: "All right, have you any witness to say that you were with me at 11.30 on last Monday?" "Yes, Sir. Prof.Gupta and Dr.Kuppuswami, your advisors." The Minister replied with some relief. The PM first called Prof.Gupta and asked him: "Prof.Gupta, our Labour Minister says that you came to see me around 11.30 on last Monday, to offer some clarification and at that time, he was sitting with me. Is it true?" The Professor was closely watching the PM. He said :"No Sir. At that time, I was with FM." "You may go. If you don't mind, please on your way back, tell Dr.Kuppuswami just to meet me." When Dr Kuppuswami came, PM repeated the question to him. "How could that be, Sir? I was on leave and, at that time on Monday, I was in the train on my way back from Chennai'' The poor Minister was now totally crestfallen. He could never think, even in his dream, that his friend, the PM, would deceive him! When the advisor left, the PM stood up saying, "Don't worry, my friend. Your packet is safe with me. I wanted you to know the quality of the advisors we have." So saying he opened the safe and handed over the packet to his friend. I read this story of Khushwant Singh long ago. There must have been changes in details, but the central theme remains unaltered." 2) Vathsala Jayaraman Vatapatra Sayee Before the beginning there was an end. Black clouds obstructed the sun and hurled lightning in every direction. Unrelenting rains lashed the ground. All the rivers and oceans started swelling and overflowing. There was deluge or pralaya.The sole witness to this was Markandeya Rishi, a great saint. It seemed to him that the sea was rising on all sides coming towards him. He saw the whole world submerged in water.He was seeing this tamasha for thousands of years. Suddenly among all the confusions, Markandeya saw a banyan leaf floating on the ocean tossed by the waves. On this unlikely raft lay a beautiful adorable child suckling his right toe unperturbed by the calamity that had befallen the world. It was Krishna, the new born Cosmic Child. The infant's heavenly smile negated the brutality of pralaya. His compassioante glances reassured Markandeya that life would go on and the world never ends but only changes. Perhaps the baby was sucking the toe to check whether it has got the sweetness which makes the people drink the water touched by its feet. When Markandeya went close to the babe he was sucked in with the air when the baby inhaled. Inside Markandeya could see hundreds of universes consumed by floods-the skys, seas, earths, gods, demons,devas, humans, plants and animals .He could have a glimpse of his own Ashrama and himself doing meditation. Markandeya realised that the child was none other than Narayana who had withdrawn the world into himself. The Lord was pleased with Markandeya and was prepared to grant any boon. Though Markandeya had no material desire ,he expressed his desire to have the grace of glimpse of Lord's Maya. The Lord was surprised to learn of this desire. Markandeya came out when the baby exhaled. When Markandeya bowed down to prostrate before the baby, he realized that there was no baby at all. He found himself sitting in his Ashram . Now Markandeya realised that whatever he saw was was Lord's maya . The maya exhibited a magic show which never existed. Markandeya was wonder struck. He realised that one could never understand God but could only sing his glories. He became engrossed in meditation and prayers. Markandeya was the only one who had darshan of Lord Krishna on banian leaf, floating on the ocean. This beautiful manifeatation also is a Viswaroopa, totally different from the magnificent Viswaroopa Darshan Arjuna had in the battle field. The smile of the baby displaying a couple of baby teeth, plays on his lips.One sees a tender loveable child, with naughty eyes.Dense curly locks adore his beautiful face. The strings of pearls that adorn his locks along with the feather of peacock tucked on the knotted hair. The tilak adds to the beauty of halo around his face.With one hand occupied with the flute, the other hand is used to direct his toe into his mouth. The yellow cloth which has wrapped him, has been kicked away. Water in the head side is calm.But on the other side water is rising to touch the holy feet of Krishna. One wonders whether the small leaf is the aadhar ( which bears) or Aadheya which is borne. How can a small leaf bear baby Krishna who has consumed the entire world?Krishna has blessed the tiny leaf with a prestigeous status higher than Himself of bearing the entire universe which the baby was holding within Himself. What a great blessing!" 3) Chittanandam Here are some responses I received: Keralites have an unique- quixotic ?- culture...they are rebellious and argumentative by nature. They are an asset outside Kerala as these characteristics are controlled outside the State. But inside they are a liability....what else can we say considering this low and poor growth of industries ? My Kerala collegue would say about elections. Keralites derive ego satisfaction by voting for two opposition groups alternatively just to be different from others !- S.Rajagopalan 2 Abbreviation by initials is the fate when you have more than one word to the name. Anna University and Bharathiar University have remained pristine because of their single-word names. Same with Anna Nagar in many Tamilnadu towns. But all Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagars have become KK Nagars. Gandhi Roads would have remained just like that, but Mahatma Gandhi Roads inevitably became MG Roads. I was intrigued about RT Road in Bangalore and was told that it stood for Rabindranath Tagore Road! Jawaharlal Nehru has become JN in all roads, colleges, hospitals and University named after him. The mutilation would not have happened if they been named just as Nehru Road etc. KS Ramakrishnan 3 There is an RT Nagar in Bangalore, Sir. My friend lives there. No one knows its expansion. RT has come to stay. Someone later told me RT stands Rabindranath Tagore. Chittanandam 4 In the case of Anna University, Tamil Nadu Government wanted to name it as Perarignar Anna University of Technology. It was its first Vice-Chancellor who changed it to Anna University. G Rajasekaran 5 People prefer and remember only short names. Giving long winded names with all the title defeats the very purpose. In Mumbai, there is a well known Municipal hospital, Sion hospital. It is named after Tilak, and the full name is Lok Manya Tilak Memorial Hospital, sion. People call it Sion hospital. If the hospital had been named only as Tilak hospital, that name would have stuck. T.S.Krishnamurthy D Blogs and Links 1) Mimamsa* "Mimamsa still finds a place as a part of major scriptures. For example, the above quote "that Vedas are eternal and therefore had no authors" is absolutely a correct statement. In fact, Veda is described as the vibrations created from exhalation of the Universal Absolute. It is correct to say Veda has no authors and they are known in various Rishis' name because they are the ones who have aligned themselves to that vibration, captured them and announced them to the world. Mimasa believes in Karma theory and believes that our own actions are responsible for the consequences (Cause and Effect theory). During Adi Sankara days, Mimasa was one of the prominent religion by itself and it is known that Adi Sankara entered into debate with Mimamsa to disprove them. The mechanism of vibrations is better to be experienced than explained. The Hindus have discovered and perfected many mystic paths and have in their armoury many fine instruments, the simplest, the most dramatic and the most miraculous is provided by 'AUM .The sound soars upwards transcending all all material obstacles whose form and substance wither away on its approach. If the human voice reproduces aloud the sounds A, U and M in that order,giving full scope to the mechanism of the ' sound box,the result is a magnificent,all powerful out pouring ,that creates a mystical feeling of exaltation, not different from deep breathing exercise. That is perhaps the reason for it being known as PRANAVA." *Received from Vathsala Jayaraman E Leisure PKKNair Palmistry Let me continue my write ups on my hobbies. Palmistry is my sixth engagement as a pastime. Broadly speaking, it is a piece of art and not a science. Much of this art depends on the extent to which one can articulate within the broad spectrum .Is is as well the practice of telling the fortunes and Interpreting ncharacteristics from the lines and configurations of the palm of a person.It is easier than said. A person to be called a palmist is not a simple thing as people think. It requires a lot of practices and wide experience, or else one would land in trouble. This writer has been following this hobby for the last fifty years or so!I might have read more than 35000 palms by this time. Palm reading is not a straight line strategy. One has toinerpolate and extrapolate the lines on the palm . As in management practices, one has to bring in external view points so to reach the correct position . I have a lot of anecdotal stories that are revealed during my reading of palms of people , a few of them I will dwell on at a later stage!!, of course if the readers of great Warrier’ Collage desire. (P.S. I minutely go through all the posts of the Collage, unlike posts appearing in other groups! PKK . That is how people of my cycle call me) 2) Dreams https://youtu.be/Po7wdesmPig Interpreting dream state


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