Warrier's Collage 14092020 :Rare Ailments

Warrier's Collage 14092020 : Rare Ailments Posted by : M G Warrier A Interaction 1) Janardhana Warrier, Thalassery "Suprabhatham 🌹🌹🙏🏽 Kudos to Collage for giving this great tribute to our most respected and Honble Swami Vivekananda, a well known philosopher, a great teacher, guide and above all, a true nationalist and who is respected world over. A great Salute to him. Nothing more is expected from Collage than this. 🙏🏽" 2) C V Subbaraman, Mysuru " Our learned friend Babusenan is quite right on the naming of the Universities and the forgotten real names of theirs. Thunjathu Ezhuththacchan would not have been forgotten in relation to the university had it been named simply "Thunjathu University" or "Ezhuthachhan University". ***. *** Look at how Hamilton Bridge in Madras came to be changed to Ambattan Bridge (by corrupt pronunciation of the world Hamilton) and then got an English translation for Ambattan to Barber, resulting in Barber's Bridge. *** subbaraman AA Current Affairs 1) Raghuram Rajan : Willing to come back https://youtu.be/IQ6UWs0lod0 So he told Prannoy Roy 2) Dr Rajan on Viral Acharya's book https://thelogicalindian.com/amp/economics/raghuram-rajans-suggestion-for-finance-ministry-22697 AB Speaking Tree Blogs 1) Reshmy Warrier https://www.speakingtree.in/reshmy-warrier/ I like her style of presentation 2) M G Warrier https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/significance-of-om The link opens to 4 or 5 blog posts and more. B Rare Ailments 1) Hypochondria Vathsala Jayaraman Very often we read articles about Hypochondria . The word 'Hypochondria', more than a disorder, is an interesting humorous topic to discuss. Those who have read 'Three men in a boat' by Jerome K. Jerome would be very happy to be a hypochondriac. He imagines so many of the symptoms of many many diseases. Certain hypochondriac men always grumble about so many symptoms day in and day out, but become tongue tied when they visit the doctor and talk lot of poltiical rumours. The pathetic accompanying wife is made a fool and branded a 'hyper tension point and is prescribed tablets for the non existing disease. Even before the word 'hypochondria' was known to me I have seen people having this disorder. The disorder may relate to one's own self or about children. Sometimes even serious disorders are missed because all at home are irritated about frequent complaints( Puli varugirathu' kathai maathiri'-there comes the tiger story) Now even the so called brave ones are becoming hypochondriacs, thanks to the internet and the websites' symptoms and disorders'. All minor symptoms are magnified and threaten the users of cancer, T. B. and brain damages. Ladies in menopause stage already have symptoms of depression which is aggravated . Though hypochondria is essentially related to health fears, there are other fear related disorders. Pregnant women who have lost the first child, always fear about miscarriage. Those who have experienced accidents always fear about accidents even if there is a delay of a few minutes. My sister's sister-in-law had 3 children born deaf and dumb. When my sister was pregnant she was totally depressed under the grip of fear that her child also would be born deaf and dumb. My mother found it extremely difficult to handle her. All the encouragements will be futile. My mother-in -law's sister who was staying with us for 15 years had this hypochondria. Daily she visualised scenes of her death and who all came and wept for her. She was a highly intelligent lady. She used to narrate the struggle between her mind and intellect as a story. Each experience "tunes" the nervous system to respond more quickly and more profoundly to perceived danger. The thought of divorce arises even with a small misunderstanding; Awaiting results of exam/interview/promotion send panic waves, The list of agonies have grown in volume-safe return of girl children, safe arrival of flights, fear about safety of senior citizens, more about safety of high raised bldgs. Compared to all these fears, anxieties,trials and tribulations hypochondria seems to be a negligible one. Sometimes even the precautionary note that comes with pills induce great fear. It is common in the US that medicines that most Americans took for decade is suddenly found dangerous to health and withdrawn from the market. The other day I was reading an article in which it was stated that 'Hypochondria' is the product of a creative mind whereas psychosomatic disorder is more of a mental condition. Can hypochondriachs feel happy about this? They won't be called 'mental'. These hypochondriachs talk a lot and give some 50 plausible reasons for their low pulse rate. The doctors feel sometimes greatly enriched by these patients and consider them as prized possessions! What a fortune! Doctors afflicted with hypochondria is an interesting phenomenon. Doctors interact with sick people day in and day out and they can be victims of sympathetic reaction. Some self proclaimed Godmen are stated to take possessions of the diseases of the patients ( devotees). Do they take the imaginary disorders of hypochondriacs also? Whatever said, Hypochondriacs are a source of fun and humour rather than sighs and moans. Hearty welcome to Hypochondriacs! 2) mgwarriors : Myasthenia Gravis https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/myasthenia-gravis Just remembered this today. Those who fight this disease (abbreviation MG) are also grouped as mgwarriors. Some years ago, finding mgwarrier in my email address and not noticing the absence of 'O', or rather replacement of it by 'E', a person who was suffering from MG sent me a touching message. What transpired subsequently is not relevant here. But, for me, the human concern for those who are in similar situations, especially for those suffering from similar ailments, which was evident in the message, was an eye-opener. The same psychology works when the poorest of the poor drops a coin in the beggar's bowl. Rich people find an excuse that "I've crossed my '2 percent of profit' CSR target this year!" C Readers Write 1) V Babusenan During the Tamil Sangham period covering the first few centuries of the CE, Kerala consisted of five parts: Venad, Kuttanad, Kudanad, Poozhinad and Karkanad. Venad is Velnadu and 'Vel' in Tamil means 'Lord'. Venad broadly comprised the present* Thiruvananthapuram District and parts of Kollam district. The remainder of the Kollam district and the Kottayam, Alappuzha and Ernakulam Districts formed Kuttanadu-Land of lakes. Palakkad, Trissur and parts of Kozhikode districts formed Kudanad-Land lying west of Kongunad (Coimbatore). The remaining part of Kozhikode District and the coastal region of Kannur District formed Poozhinad named so presumably on account of the large number of marshy lands. The present Wayanad and Gudallore areas, consisting mostly of rugged land, gave the name Karkanad to the last division (Land difficult to traverse). Between the powerful Aay kings in the South and Ezhimala kings in the north, flourished the first Chera dynasty starting with the Perumchottuthian Cheral Aathan whom we met in the last write-up. The historians of ancient Kerala owe a great debt to the Sangham literature for their raw material. It is doubtful whether any literature in the world has so much to do with arithmetic as Sangham literature.The very classification of 'love' (akam) poems and 'other than love'(puram) poems itself seems to be unique. As mentioned in an earlier Collage, there are 2381 poems in Sangham literature contributed by 500 poets belonging to various strata of society, including women like the famous Avvayar.The classification is broadly like this : A Akam Antholgies 1 Kurunthokai-400 love poems of length varying between 4-9 lines 2 Nattinai 400 love poems of lengt varying between9-12 lines 3 Akananooru 400 love poems of length between13-37 lines 4 Ainkurunooru 5oo love poems each 100dealing with a certain aspect of love 5 Kalittokai : Love poems in a metre known as 'Kali' B Puram Anthologies 1 Puranaanooru 400 puram poems 2 Pathittuppathu100 poems on kings 3 Paripatal -Poems on religious themes. Among these eight anthologies, it is Pathittuppathu that entirely deals with the first Chera dynasty. *Before formation of the new districts." 2) Vathsala Jayaraman High Court Kuppuswami* Full sleeve shirt tucked inside a dhoti secured with a thick belt ;clean shaven head with a few strand of hair; a sharp blackboard pen placed safely in his shirt pocket-That was my cousin ( Anna) Kuppuswami, stenographer to the Chief Justice of one of the high courts. He was one of those old matriculates with a strong sense of devotion to the English language and an addict to the fast disappearing habit of referring to the dictionary whenever he crossed a word beyond his ken and any sentence eluded him. Hours of work or overtime was unheard of those days.There was also no conveyance allowance and walking or cycling to the office was considered good for maintaining good health.Eight in the morning to be precise, saw Anna briskly cycling to the Chief justice’s house to take dictation, deriving his stamina from the freshly roasted and ground filtered coffee.He would return around 10 AM,in time to have a hasty meal before pedalling five kilometers to the High court. Anna was 55 and he had nothing to look forward to, by way of career. No No-we are mistaken. For him, every new word for which he mastered the stroke was an additional increment. A voluminous judgement initialled without a scratch was like a new bill passing through parliament without a hitch or walk out. In fact taking dictation was his work, checking and correcting the strokes was his way of relaxing, neat and accurate typing was his religion and justice. It was history when Anna was granted extension after retirement as the CJ wanted his services till he himself retired.He had a wonderful command over English and vast vocabulary so much so the honourable Judge made a special request to have all judgements typed by Anna. A great honor indeed! The tribe of Kuppuswami has vanished. The stenogrphers have got a face lift now.. In big corporates, the secretaries have become Executive Assistants , EAs have become an integral part in handling the executives' office. With the advent of laptops, dictations are a passe, independant correspondence is the rule of the day. PC's have robbed the pain and thrill of dictation and correction.The role of a secretary has expanded multifold including fixing an appointment with a Dentist. to operating the personal bank account of the boss..Many of the bosses have these secretaries as 'INTEL INSIDE' and are helpless once they retire. All these post graduates with Personnel management degrees, can never be a match to my matriculate Anna in vocabulary ,crisp and refined tongue." (*Prefix by Collage) D Blogs and Links 1) Artificial intelligence https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/machines-in-white-coats/article32588347.ece#/ Posted online comments 2) What we were told in 2018 About AI https://youtu.be/XvzNuw5VjBU AI too is working from home, as of now. 3) Grandparents Day https://festivals.iloveindia.com/grandparents-day/when.html For record. No comments from Collage. 4) Adi Shankaracharya https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/life-and-message-of-adi-sankara


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