Warrier's Collage March 12, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday, March 12, 2022 Good Morning M G Warrier M A Responses 1) Jyothilakshmi Anil Kumar How sweet of you that you are giving the Collage top priority and it's meeting it's purpose for sure. It's making us think, respond and express. B Understanding Mumbai* Poem on Mumbai : (You will enjoy this... Don't miss the end..) Mumbai is rich, Mumbai is poor. Mumbai is fast, Mumbai is slow. Little bit sweet, and little bit sour. Sometimes it's hot but not too cold. Mornings r energetic & evenings r electric. Noons r lazy but Nights r crazy.. And any one U ask, he always says "M busy" Dude, life n Mumbai '' Is not so easy...! There is lot of Masti with little bit of Maska... Welcome to the city that can't live, w/out Bollywood Chaska! Sev puri, Vada Pav and BHEL Puri are all Mumbai chaat.. Relishing it with spicy chutney is no easy art.. From popcorn to ice-cream, all sold on cart, Mumbai o Mumbai you're always close to my heart.! Where local trains usually run on time, And violently rushing for a seat is not a crime. Here 3 PM for lunch and 12 AM to dine, People face hardships, but still say "it's fine".! From Siddhivinayak in Dadar to Woodhouse Cathedral in Town, And ISKCON in Juhu to Haji Ali in Mumbai's Crown. Marathi, Malayalee, Christian to Gujarati Everyone together celebrate Christmas and Diwali, Holi is colorful and Diwali is cheerful, Spend some time here and your life will be unforgetful.! Billionaire to beggars, all found in this city, Be careful dude, this place is a bit witty. Overall this dream world is huge but pretty, Mumbai Mumbai, you're wonderful city. Because... She is like mother to millions.. After all a mother is called MUM in English, BA in Gujarati & Ai in Marathi, That's My Mumbai Dedicated to all Mumbaikars *Received from R Jayakumar via Group mail C Current Affairs 1) RBI's brochure on prevention of financial frauds https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=53372 BE(A)WARE – A Booklet on Modus Operandi of Financial Frauds The Reserve Bank has today released a booklet, “BE(A)WARE” on the common modus operandi used by fraudsters and precautions to be taken while carrying out various financial transactions. The surge in the digital modes of payments witnessed in the past few years gained further momentum during the COVID-19 induced lockdowns. Digital payments enhance customer convenience by improving ease of doing financial transactions. They also contribute to promotion of financial inclusion. However, fraudsters are finding new ways to defraud the gullible public through various ingenious methods. A root cause analysis of the complaints received at Ombudsmen Offices and the Consumer Education and Protection Cells (CEPCs) of RBI revealed, inter alia, that sharing of confidential information by the customers, knowingly or unknowingly, is one of the major causes leading to the financial frauds. Accordingly, the booklet released today, aims to enhance public awareness about various types of financial frauds perpetrated on gullible customers while carrying out digital payments and other financial transactions. The booklet elaborates on safeguards against commonly used fraudulent techniques, such as, SIM swaps, vishing/phishing links, lottery, etc., including fake loan websites and digital apps. Part A and B of the booklet detail the commonly observed modus operandi and precautions to be taken against fraudulent transactions relating to banks and non- banking financial companies (NBFCs), respectively. Part C of the booklet explains the general precautions and digital hygiene to be followed by the public. The final section contains a glossary of commonly used terminologies in performance of financial transactions with banks and other regulated entities of RBI to improve understanding thereof among the public. The booklet emphasises the need for keeping one's personal information confidential at all times, being mindful of unknown calls / emails / messages, etc., and also outlines the due diligence measures to be followed while undertaking financial transactions. Source : RBI 2) Media Response March 11, 2022 Allow cross migration at top level This refers to the report "Three PSB chiefs retiring this year" (The Hindu Business Line, March 11). This response is not specific to appointment of PSB chiefs. Time is opportune to introduce more transparency and professionalisation in top level appointments across public and private sectors and industrial, educational and administrative organisations. A national level talent pool to be used as a catchment area for a pre-decided percentage of executives at higher levels could be considered. The identification of candidates from across the world for inclusion in the basket may have to be done by a national level organization manned by people with internationally accepted professional credentials. The prospective aspirants for being considered for entry could be serving, doing research or associated with work in respective fields. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram D Spirituality/Faith charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 187 जमु जागाति न लगई जे चलै सतिगुर भाइ नानक निरमलु अमर पदु गुरु हरि मेलै मेलाइ If following True Guru then Yama cannot hurt you God guides through Guru to bless pristine state of immortality (avoiding temptations) Guru Nanak, 1411, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1502026185924308993?s=20&t=gLBSP3N9ye9ocum8hfBDRQ E Books, Blogs & Links Books by M G Warrier https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07H26N2DH/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_K4RJCHY9W0FXFC2T994N Scrambled Monologues About the book The title of the book may not describe the content. Individual essays are focused and self-contained. Scrambling is about sequencing them subject-wise or chronologically! These are random essays written at different points of time in different contexts. If you find a thin stream of continuity in thoughts or consistency in perceptions, that could be real. Because thoughts do not grow old with the biological age! Because I have scrambled the content, despite each essay being self-contained, start reading from any page. The only guarantee is, if you gift this book, it will not come back to you. No more promises or claims. Except that, if you opt to read this book, the next book from me will reach you faster. Depends on your risk appetite. Happy reading. Blogs https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/time-and-progress-dna/the-russian-snowballing-effect-world-war-4-o-41663/ As we keep sympathetically looking at the plight of the people of Ukraine we are also forced to deeply reflect on the pertinent question” what does the war mean to me?” or “means to us?”. The effect is certainly a very big lot more than what we can see in the outset – an iceberg. Links a) Madras Courier https://madrascourier.com/opinion/ukraine-the-good-bad-ideal-refugees/ b) M G Warrier : Pre-November 8, 2016 https://www.moneylife.in/author/mg-warrier.html F Leisure 1) Pun Fun* Here is some pun fun. I think I am becoming a social vegan I am avoiding meets. I told my wife to embrace her mistakes. She gave me a hug. I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth. Now when I talk, I have a weird axe scent. I married my wife for her looks. Just not the ones she's been giving me, of late. I am thinking of having my ashes stored in a glass urn. Remains to be seen. What do you call a bedpan in Russia? A Poo-tin 6:30 is the best time on the clock. Hands down. I think his grandma is 80% Irish. People call her Iris. What does a house wear? Address My brother has been trying to make my dad wear his hearing aid. He just won't listen. *Received from Dr Chitra Nashik 2) Influence Media to behave well* Please give me a few minutes and read this. A donkey was tied to a tree. One night a ghost cut the rope and released the donkey free. The donkey went and destroyed the crops in an adjacent farmer's land. Infuriated, the farmer's wife shot the donkey and killed it. The donkey's owner was devastated at the loss. In reply, he shot dead the farmer's wife. Angered by his wife's death, the farmer took a sickle and killed the donkey's owner. The wife of the donkey's owner got so angry that she and her sons set the farmer's house on fire. The farmer, looking at his house turned into ashes, killed the wife and children of the donkey's owner. Finally, when the farmer was full of regret, he asked the ghost as to why did it kill them all? The ghost replied, "I killed nobody. I just released a donkey that was tied to a rope. It is all of you who released the devils within you which resulted into everything bad that occurred thereafter." Today's media is like that ghost. It keeps releasing donkeys on a daily basis. And people react and argue with each other, hurt each other, without having a second thought. In the end, the media dodges all responsibilities. So, it's our responsibility to not react on every donkey released by the media and preserve our relationship with our friends, relatives and community. Thank you for reading. *Received from Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram G Quotes on banks https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/bank-quotes Like : A US dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a promissory note that doesn't actually promise anything. It's not backed by gold or silver. P. J. O'Rourke Patrick Jake O'Rourke (November 14, 1947 – February 15, 2022) was an American libertarian political satirist and journalist. O'Rourke was the H L Mencken Research Fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute and a regular correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, The American Spectator and The Weekly Standard, and frequent panelist on National Public Radio's game show "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" He was a columnist at "The Daily Beast" from 2011 to 2016.


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