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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday, March 31, 2022 Keli Kottu https://youtu.be/qR9expt3Agw Katha Kali https://youtu.be/Tl3UKV1z9lM Good Morning Some readers asked about the content selection for Collage. Collage has no pre-decided Menu or pre-set pattern. Content is guided by what I think, talk or read on the previous one or two days. The message is shared with two or three groups in which I'm a member and with my contacts. There's no support team or 'back office' for Collage other than friends who share their thoughts or some interesting content they write or come across. Hope I've answered doubts raised by some of you. Nice Day M G Warrier A Select Responses 1) V R Chittanandam Chennai I wish the Book Release function all success. It gives great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction and achievement to an author when his writings see the light of the day. Regards, Chittanandam Chennai 2) K N Ganapathy Heartening news - About release of book by Mr Warrier -Congratulations. K N. Ganapathy. 3) D S Nair Mumbai Heartiest congratulations on the occasion of ur book release on 2 April 2022 and God Bless you 4) K R Krishna Kumar Best wishes for your book release on 2nd April. (Thanks 🙏-Warrier) B Current Affairs 1) Media Response* March 30, 2022 Institutes for accountants This refers to the article 'IIT' for accountants?"(The Hindu Business Line, March 30). The issues raised point to a more complex ailment which has been affecting several premier organisations in both public and private sectors. The problem relates to generalists deciding the fate of specialised organizations and government departments. The reference is to the monopoly of civil service veterans in policy formulation and legislation. The legislatures remain helpless before the powerful secretariats manned by IAS. As regards the proposal for IIAs, different types of skill-needs may have influenced the idea. Here In-house skill development on an ongoing basis, as is being done by CAG and RBI may be a better option. ICAI, ICWAI and similar organisations having monopoly in their work areas also may have to change with the times. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram Know more : https://www.financialexpress.com/education-2/set-up-institutes-of-accounting-akin-to-iitsiims-parliamentary-panel/2469828/ *Published in The Hindu Business Line on March 31, 2022 : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article65274531.ece 2) Morning Pages* https://austinkleon.com/2020/12/07/morning-pages-and-variations/?utm_source=vidya.so&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=issue_64 *Link Courtesy : T N C Rangarajan Bonus : https://www.livemint.com/mint-top-newsletter/minttopofthemorning30032022.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mint_top_morning_newsletter 3) Monetary Policy Committee Meeting Schedule 2022-23 Meeting Schedule of the Monetary Policy Committee for 2022-2023 As per Section 45ZI of Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, it has been decided that Monetary Policy Committee will meet during the 2022-23 on the dates as indicated below: Dates of meetings of Monetary Policy Committee for 2022-23 April 6 - 8, 2022 June 6 - 8, 2022 August 2 - 4, 2022 September 28 - 30, 2022 December 5 - 7, 2022 February 6 - 8, 2023 (Yogesh Dayal) Chief General Manager Source : RBI C Logic & Grammar : Babusenan's Column Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, who left us in1994, was a great novelist-cum-story writer in Malayalam. He had an inimitable style and was capable of startling statements. Suppose he made a statement : "All Vaikomwallas are liers", people around would laugh it away, except the logician among them who would take Basheer seriously and start to analyse the statement in this manner: Basheer said that all persons belonging to Vaikom are liars. He also belongs to Vaikom and, therefore, whatever he says is a lie. The logical conclusion is that the statement that "Vaikomwallas are liers" itself is a lie as it was made by a liar and so Vaikomwallas are not liars! The above is a paradoxical situation. One cannot blame logic for this. The situation arose as, in the statement, the person who made it included him too. Though apparently simple, this logical paradox took alarming proportions in the early years of the20th century when Bertrand Russell was endeavoring to interpret mathematics through logic. The logician, the mathematician and the grammarian each stands for clarity, brevity and precision, thus calling for unity among them. At least , they should not be at loggerheads. One fails, therefore, to understand the logic behind the logician and grammarian jumping at each other's throat. Their Indian counterparts meet and the grammarian shouts "Thaarkika pasava"(The logician is a cow). The other fellow retorts "Vaiyyakarana thrinava"(The grammarian is grass) and takes the upper hand. Where is the need for it? One wonders. Even Sankara, the greatest logician India has produced, said derisively "Nahi, nahi, rakshathi duhrim karane"(Grammar will not come to your rescue)! Punctuation is an integral part of grammar. We just had the benefit of a scholarly dissertation on it in our Collage. In my humble opinion a lot of importance has to be given to the poor comma as it helps immensely to clarify ideas. The best example for it we have in the grammar book generally known as Wren& Martin.' Hang him, not let him go' and 'Hang him not, let him go.' Here we see a person's life entirely depending on where the comma is put. Incidentally, Wren& Martin has other uses too. A top bank official was staying in Thiruvananthapuram with his wife and a lovely growing daughter. During one summer vacation, his growing nephew came from Mumbai to spend the holidays with them. The officer, out of overflowing avuncular love, gave him a copy of Wren&Martin to improve his English. The growing young man returned to Mumbai early next week under some pretext that easily convinced his uncle. 1) Gudi Padwa 2022 is on April 2 https://www.officeholidays.com/amp/holidays/india/gudi-padwa Traditions of Gudi Padwa Many observe this day by erecting a special Gudhi flag consisting of a silk banner with a garland of flowers and leaves and topped with an upturned drinking pot. The Gudhi is displayed from windows, roofs or trees. The Gudhi is said to represent the flag of Brahma as mentioned in the Brahma Purana, an ancient Hindu text, as according to religious tradition, Lord Brahma created time and the universe on this day. It is generally thought of as a good luck symbol to ward off evil and bring prosperity. 2) Faith/Spirituality https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1508904708681121792?s=20&t=hzerd-i2nYUfYFreEMf14Q Unity in Diversity - 206 काइ जपहु रे काइ तपहु रे काइ बिलोवहु पाणी लख चउरासीह जिन्हि उपाई सो सिमरहु निरबाणी What chanting, austerity? Meditate on the infinite Almighty lord, who is untouched by vices & who has created countless life forms Trilochan, Gujri, 526, SGGS D Collage Sweets : Palada Pradhaman https://www.milkmaid.in/recipes/palada-pradhaman Palada Pradhaman Recipe There are several pradhaman (kheer) recipes in the rich cuisine of Kerala, but this one sure is the queen of them all. Made from Nestlé Everyday Shahi Ghee, flakes of cooked rice, milk, and sugar, it typically takes ages to prepare! However, this simple, convenient recipe will ensure that you enjoy the same great taste in a matter of minutes. E Life Working experience in Mumbai : Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Here is a rough translation of various messages received in bits and pieces from my grand nephew who resides in Bombay. He always writes in Chaste Tamil only. For Mumbaikars, it is a day to day affair, while for Madrasis it will be a news. In cases of God appearing or granting apparition to a person, the best boon to ask seems to be : “LET ME BECOME YOU &and you become I”. “If this boon is granted the person turned God will never have to worry about commuting to office and need of physical energy. But will have to worry about managing the entire universe or cosmos which might need energy of astronomical proportion. When ladies managed riding two horses simultaneously one for home and the other for livelihood and men raced even sprinted to commute via one or more modes of transport . During railway strike for 21 days in June/ July 1974, it was interesting to see the then Bombay Roads. Many really commuted by various modes including handcart, bicycle, in open trucks tankers, men and women lifting fellow employees over there heads to land them on huge trucks eastern and western Express highway filled with bumper to bumper traffic. Many of the staff used to land in office at 4 PM sign the muster and leave at once back home. Commuting is entertaining for some and harrowing for some others. Pregnant ladies commuting till the hour of delivery in transit is very common. In office atmosphere staff in their traditional sarees and dhoties-mahatashtrian style performing Sathya Narayana Pooja followed by food and cultural programmes. Bhajans in moving locals and minibuses, reading novels and news paper on regular basis on the way to office and home, losing purse and briefs, pickpockets getting got and bystanders happily whacking them, hitch hiking, all were good. In a large hall many staff would open at lunch hour their lunch tiffin boxes and the surrounding air filled with aromas hitting nostrils kindling tingling tongue and mouth - their sharing and exchanging food all were nice amusements. While at prabhadevi office opposite sidhi vinayak temple, once the dabbah wala delivered —incorrectly dabbah to me at lunch hour. When I opened I found a note written in marathi. My steno Saritha read it. That was the moment we both realised that a wrong dhaba has been delivered to me. However the food was good and I wrote in the note of my appreciation for the lovely food and my blessings. Fearing salary would be pick-pocketed, one of my staff used to send in his dabba his salary envelope which he claimed always was safely delivered at home. With sweat and odour-filled local first class compartments in central harbour branch during my commute for several years, I must have read around hundreds of paperbacks novels beginning from Harold Robbins, Jefferyarcher, Irving Wallace, Robin Cook, Robert Ludlum and Ken Follette. I forgot my umbrella kept in overhead rack in locals during monsoon. Several times I reached unscheduled destinations in double fast trains. A local train failed to stop in intermediate scheduled stations eventually stopped hitting buffer springs at VT end of the platform. I was saved by the skin of my teeth. One of my staff on export section, died in byculla station as the train she was coming to office collided with stationary goods train. A man who sat by my side in train bound for Thane died of heart attack. While commuting in double decker, I had seen a fellow passenger accommodated to sit by young couple by adjustment. That is lady would sit on lap of his cohort! Memories are never faded, it is always a part of our life and when we go back and enjoy we feel ultimate joy. This feeling goes beyond expression when you meet your classmates after 23 years. It reiterates the popular image of Bambaiyyas as a lively lot (despite their monotonous routines dictated to the last second by the clock and local train timings), their ability to live in the truest sense even in the midst of all that rush and their resilience, accommodativeness and their value of life despite what outsiders might think (to the contrary). Vathsala Jayaraman F Leisure 1) Fight stress* “The universe is a masterpiece of abundance. When you open yourself to feel the abundance of the universe, you will experience the wonder, joy, bliss, and all the great things that the universe has in store for you. Good health, good wealth, good nature. But when you shut yourself off with negative thoughts you feel the discomfort, you'll feel the aches. you will feel the pain. And you will feel as if every day is painful to get through. All stress begins with one negative thought. One thought that went unchecked and then more thoughts come and more, until stress manifested. The effect is more stress, but the cause was negative thinking. And it all began with one little negative thought. No matter what you might have manifested, you can change it.... With one more positive thought and then another." 🙏 Question of the Millenium Student : Sir, what is the difference between FINE and TAX ??? Teacher : FINE is a TAX for doing wrong. And TAX is a FINE for doing the right. Happy March End Bonus Watch this video : https://youtu.be/gOjVoaoburE *Forward received from R Jayakumar via Group mail G Quotes on monotony https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/monotony-quotes Like : The monotony of a long heroic poem may often be pleasantly relieved by judicious interruptions in the perfect succession of rhymes, just as the metre may sometimes be adorned with occasional triplets and Alexandrines. H P Lovecraft Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American writer of weird, science, fantasy, and horror fiction. He is best known for his creation of the Cthulhu Mythos. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Lovecraft spent most of his life in New England H H P Lovecraft : Book Reviews https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/hp-lovecraft/hp-lovecraft


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