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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday, March 13, 2022 Trichambaram Temple Festival 2022 https://youtu.be/i7kMpfCYdUU Good Morning Happy Birthday and Ayurarogyasaukhyam to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday March 19, 2022. Best Wishes 🙏 M G Warrier A Interaction Duvvuri Subbarao Former Governor RBI "Dear Shri Warrier : Thank you for your reflectionas on the election results. Very perceptive. Keep writing. Best regards Subba" (Many Thanks That was an article submitted to Moneylife in 2015 when my articles were being regularly published @moneylife.in This article was rejected with a note "Dear Sir, Thank you for sending us the AAP-article. We have gone through the article but we will not be publishing it on the web, as we feel that there can be multiple opinions on it. Regards, N Madhavan Moneylife" Sucheta Dalal & Co were changing track and discontinued publishing my articles post-Novemer 8, 2016. Regards M G Warrier) B A funny language : V Babusenan The English word 'wife' originally meant only a woman, but later became to mean the female partner in a marriage between man and woman. We are familiar with the declaration by the priest conducting the wedding ceremony in a Roman Catholic Church "I now pronounce you man and wife." I know three English words derived from the word 'wife' : 'housewife', 'midwife' and 'fishwife'. In American English, a 'housewife' is 'a married woman who is in charge of her household'. How simple! But in British English, she can be the mistress of a household or merely a female domestic manager. It is not at all compulsory that the word should mean a human being; not even that. It may mean an inanimate thing like a pocket sewing kit!(sometimes called 'hussif') Perhaps, in order to avoid the indignity of regarding a woman, married or unmarried, on a par with a mere sewing kit, they have nicely dropped the word 'housewife' recently and started using the American word 'home maker'(It smacks of baser words like 'bookmaker', 'matchmaker' and 'tastemaker', but leave it.) Whatever the name, they are undoubtedly contributing to the national wealth by bringing up children as good citizens, but how that excellent service is counted in economic terms, I confess, I do not know. Coming to the next word 'midwife', I cannot proceed without sharing with the esteemed readers a recent anecdote. Prakasan, my young friend, is an ebullient writer. His Malayalam is good but he prefers to write in English. Writing letters in English newspapers is his forte. He is an untiring walker and, even in the thick of Covid19, he would briefly halt at my gate and ask me : "How are you, uncle? " He was not to be seen for a few days recently and I was slightly perturbed. When he finally came, I asked : "What happened to you, Prakasan? Down with Covid?" "Not at all, uncle. I was busy writing an article." "On what" "On Ramayana." He replied with a smile. "My objective is to prove that, but for the mid-wife, there would not be any Ramayana." "Where is the question of a mid-wife in Ramayana? " I asked in dismay. "Uncle, how many wives Rama's father had? " "Three.Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra in that order." "Precisely. I mean the middle among them. The middle wife, Kaikeyi. Was it not at her insistence that her husband was compelled to send Rama to the forest and to make her son the next king? " "That is okay", said I. " Prakasan, is your article humorous or serious? " "Serious, of course, like Asan's Seethaakaavyam. " "In that case, please drop the word 'mid-wife'. In English, it has only one meaning : A nurse trained to assist at childbirth. In old English, 'mid' meant 'with' and 'wife' simply meant 'woman'. It refers to a person with the woman about to give birth to a child. If, on the contrary, you want to be humorous, you can say that, on the analogy of the word 'midnight', you have used 'midwife'. '' English is really a funny language. If used in the original sense, 'fishwife' would mean a woman selling fish and it used to be like that for a long time. But now it has come to mean a quarrelsome and shouting woman even if she is a politician. That is why some papers reported that, on the International Women's Day, a number of female members of a municipal corporation in Kerala behaved like fishwives and that some of them had to be hospitalised with serious injuries. C Current Affairs RBI may review GDP, inflation forecasts : Michael Patra https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/russia-ukraine-war-rbi-may-review-fy23-gdp-and-inflation-projections/article65215021.ece/amp/ https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_SpeechesView.aspx?Id=1201 Ukraine Update http://mainstreamweekly.net/article12119.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email Media Response March 12, 2022 Review of GDP, inflation forecasts This refers to the report "RBI may review GDP, inflation forecasts : Patra" (The Hindu Business Line, March 12). RBI Deputy Governor Michael Patra concluded his Key Note address in Mumbai on March 11, 2022 with the following observation : "While the fallout of the geopolitical situation is being assessed and will be factored into our projections, it is reasonable to treat it as a supply shock at this stage in the setting of monetary policy." It would be too early to read the possible changes in the variables affecting MPC's thoughts when the committee meets in April 2022. The only comfort analysts can derive from loud thoughts like this by RBI executives is that the institution responsible for monetary policy formulation is keeping constant vigil on the developments affecting crucial ingredients of monetary policy and GDP growth. Traditionally, RBI executives use forums like this to share their policy perceptions and selectively use the feedback for subsequent policy formulation. Stakeholders will be waiting for the April 2022 meeting of the MPC coming after the Budget 22 and the chaotic situation evolving with the Ukraine crisis. M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram D Spirituality/Faith 1) Sunday Collage : V T Panchapagesan SUNDAY COLLAGE... Sri R R Sarma was the Architect with Ritchie, Italian who was also Co-Architect , Madras RBI building, Architect..... I knew him in the year 1960.....only technical person joined ......at that time.. Subject : Experiences with Maha Periyava : Mahaswami - Architect of Architects Experiences with Maha Periyava : Mahaswami - Architect of Architects (The following episode was narrated by Engineer Mani concerning the renowned architect Sri R R Sharma - the first Indian to acquire his degree in architecture from the London School of Architecture, in those days - whom he accompanied when calling upon the Mahaswami) The renowned architect, known for his vast knowledge in his field went to see the Mahaswami on being called on some work. The work that lay ahead was quite simple. The figures of Adi Sankara and his four disciples had to be installed in Rameshwaram at a height, in such a way that they could be seen without any obstruction when viewed from Agni Theertham. The angle of elevation for the height of the structure on which the figures had to be installed had to be decided. The architect was a little taken aback and felt slighted that he had been called for a matter as insignificant as this. Meanwhile, as he looked at Mahaswami, several thoughts passed through his mind. 'People talk so much about Shankaracharya. But he looks so non-descript and puny, and seems nothing extraordinary. Is he at all as knowledgeable as it is generally believed?" As for the Mahaswami, in His own leisurely manner, He began to converse with the architect. He asked Sri Sharma the names by which the various measurements were signified. The architect for his part replied with words like 'foot', 'yard', 'mile' and so on. Some time passed. His Holiness showed the measurements from the tip of His middle finger to that of the forearm and asked the architect what it was called. The architect shot back the reply that it was called 'muzham' (or yard) in Tamil. Some time passed. Now His Holiness stretched his fingers and pointing to the distance between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the little finger asked the architect by what term it was described. Without a moment's hesitation, the architect replied that it was known as 'jaan' in Tamil. The architect was taken aback and had no answer to give. Nor could he say definitely that no such measurement existed because he was not sure whether it did nor not. Minutes passed and only silence reigned. Then answering the question Himself, His Holiness said, "It is known as 'coopay', isn't it?" In those days, the only train from Rameshwaram to Chennai was the Boat Mail. The architect boarded the train that night in a state of restlessness for he had to ascertain the matter to himself! On reaching his place the next morning, the first thing he did was to search the Dictionary of Architect terms and lo and behold! There it was, 'coopay', which signified the space between the tip of the thumb and the tip of the forefinger! The architect telephoned his friend Mani, the engineer, and said "Mani! That Samiyar of yours...., my salutations to him!! Author: Shri N.Subramaniam, B.E., M.Sc., (Engg...), M.I.E., M.I.C.I - Chennai Source: Moments of a lifetime For Gold ore to be purified, it must go through the smelter's furnace. Likewise, God allows us to go through affliction and adversity to purify our Hearts..🙏🙏🙏 V T Panchapagesan. 2) Dr Charan Singh charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 188 हउमै किथहु ऊपजै कितु संजमि इह जाइ .. किरपा करे जे आपणी ता गुर का सबदु कमाहि नानकु कहै सुणहु जनहु इतु संजमि दुख जाहि Q Where ego comes from & how to banish it? A If God blesses with Guru: following teachings of Guru Guru Angad, Raag Asa, 466, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1502425751341395974?s=20&t=EGMI63S7KzcSnSqryXc3aQ E Leisure Horoscope reading* Joke to start the day : Astrologer : Your name is Jani Jani : Yes guruji Astrologer : Your husband's name is Janu Jani : ( with folded hands ) Yes yes guruji Astrologer : Your husband is 45 years old. Jani : (now really excited ) Yes yes yes guruji Astrologer : You have one son and one daughter Jani : Amazingly perfect Guruji .. perfect Astrologer : Your son is 15 years old and his name is kittu. Your daughter is 12 years old and her name is kitti. Jani : Oh my God .. let me bow down. You are amazing. Everything perfectly correct. Astrologer : yesterday you purchased 25 kgs of wheat .. Jani : ( tears rolling down )oh my lord. You are God incarnate. Astrologer: Ok, that's enough for today. You are getting emotional. Just deposit Rs 1000/- in the donation box. Come next Thursday. And next time please come with your horoscope, not your ration card. *Received from A P Ramadurai Cheñnai F Quotes on languages https://www.british-study.com/en/blog/inspirational-quotes-for-language-learners Learning a language can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience. At times you might feel that you have reached a dead-end (or hit a brick wall) and motivating yourself can become difficult. Don’t forget that speaking a second language, not only opens new doors but also has numerous other advantages. G Obituary : C Krishnamurthy Kochi Reporting sad demise of C Krishnamurthy, Senior Partner of Krishnamurthy and Krishnamurthy Chartered Accountants in Kochi on March 10, 2022. He was 84 and is survived by his daughter Seetha her husband Mohanan and grandchildren. His brothers including C Harikumar who retired as Executive Director, RBI predeceased him. Murthy and I were together in Cooperative Home Thiruvananthapuram during 1960's : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/room-no-3-cooperative-home-23505/ Excerpts : "In the front-side new block of 20 plus single rooms, on the first floor of Cooperative Home, there was a large double room which was occupied by Krishnamoorty a Chartered Accountant who worked with Kerala Financial Corporation. In him, I found affectionate brother, friend, philosopher and guide. Many of us used to assemble in his room post-dinner, talk endlessly and past midnight walk down to the nearby Town Hotel and take tea before going to respective rooms." ****. **** Till 2019, Murthy and I were in direct contact. Then we were updating developments through our mutual friend Radhakrishnan who had spoken to him a fortnight ago. Prayers 🙏-Warrier


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